What are the basic competencies of Electrical Installation and maintenance NC II?

What are the basic competencies of Electrical Installation and maintenance NC II?


  • Prepare electrical power and hydraulic tools.
  • Perform roughing-in activities for communication and distribution systems.
  • Install wiring devices for floor and ground fault current interrupting outlets.
  • Install electrical protection system for lighting and grounding.

How can a person acquire an EIM NC II certificate?

You can take this at any TESDA Accredited Centers for Electrical Installation and Maintenance Course. A National Certificate (NC II) will be issued to students who passed this assessment process.

How many unit of competency are there in EIM NC II?

It covers five common competencies that the Grade 7/Grade 8 Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) student ought to possess: (1) using tools, equipment and paraphernalia, 2) performing mensuration and calculation, 3) practicing Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) procedures, 4) maintaining tools, equipment and …

What is EIM in electricity?

What is EIM or Electrical Installation And Maintenance? The program combines theory with laboratory activities as an effective means of developing the skills essential to the electrical trade.

What track is EIM?

The Industrial Arts strand under the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood track provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills they need for employment. These include technical and manual skills in: Carpentry and construction – Construction Painting, Furniture Making, Masonry, Tile Setting.

What are the materials needed in Electrical Installation and maintenance?

Electrical Materials & Products

  • Electrical Conduit and Conduit Fitting. Electrical Conduit is a tube that carries electrical wire for power or communications.
  • Electrical Wire and Cable.
  • Explosion Proof Enclosures.
  • Circuit Breakers.
  • Electrical Connectors.
  • Electrical Box.
  • Lugs.
  • Motor Control.

Why do we need to study Electrical Installation and maintenance?

Not only is it vitally important to know how dangerous electricity can be, but special attention about how poor maintenance on electrical systems can lead to electrical failure in equipment, or worse, catastrophic fires should also be noted.

What are the tools in EIM?

Terms in this set (31)

  • Long Nose Pliers. This is used for cutting and holding fine wires.
  • Combination pliers (Lineman’s pliers)
  • Side cutting pliers.
  • Wire stripper.
  • Hack saw.
  • Philips screw driver.
  • Standard/Flat screw driver.
  • Stubby screw driver.

What are the types of Electrical Installation?

What are the different types of electrical installations you can choose?

  • Residential installations.
  • Commercial installations.
  • Vehicular installations.

What are the 5 electrical supplies?

How to get electrical installation&maintenance NC II Qualification?

The qualification of Electrical Installation & Maintenance NC II can be attained through demonstration of competence through project-type assessment covering all the required units of the qualification. 4.1.3. Assessment shall focus on the core units of competency.

What does NC II stand for?

Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing (NC II) ++ (CG under construction based on Consumer Electronics Servicing 640 hours (NC II) CG) 12. Furniture Making (Finishing) (NC II) + 480 hours 13.

What is the difference between electrical installation and maintenance?

4. Terminologies: Electrical – relating to electricity or something to do with the application of electricity. Installation – the act or process of making a machine, a service or the act of installing something. Maintenance – the upkeep of property or equipment.