What are Struts tags?

What are Struts tags?

You can create Struts HTML tags from the Struts HTML Tags drawer. These tags are used to create Struts input forms, as well as other tags generally useful in the creation of HTML-based user interfaces. The output is HTML 4.01 compliant or XHTML 1.0 when in XHTML mode. Each tag has an html prefix. …

How do you use strut tags?

To use the Struts 2 tags on the view page, you must include a tag library directive. Typically, the taglib directive is <%@ taglib prefix=”s” uri=”/struts-tags” %> . So the prefix for all the Struts 2 tags will be s .

How read properties file in Struts 2?

Just put the properties file in the package and use getText(“property name”), then you can get the strings from the particular property name. But remember the properties file should be in the same package as your action class.

What is property in JSP?

The setProperty and getProperty action tags are used for developing web application with Java Bean. In web devlopment, bean class is mostly used because it is a reusable software component that represents data. The jsp:setProperty action tag sets a property value or values in a bean using the setter method.

What is S tag in JSP?

The s:text as shown is used to render a text on the screen. Next we have the famiilar s:form tag. The s:form tag has an action attribute that determines where to submit the form. Because we have a file upload element in the form, we have to set the enctype to multipart.

What is a message resource file in struts?

Message resources provide a simple way to put text in a view page that is the same throughout your application, to create form field labels, and to change text to a specific language based on the user’s locale (i18n). The Struts 2 user mailing list is an excellent place to get help.

What is the naming convention for a resource bundle file in struts?

Files in a resource bundle use the naming convention of . properties. The property resource bundles for the main Protege application are located in the Protege installation directory and are named “protege_text__.

What is struts validation framework?

In this chapter, we shall look deeper into Struts validation framework. At the Struts core, we have the validation framework that assists the application to run the rules to perform validation before the action method is executed.

How do I create a form using struts 2?

The Struts 2 tags make creating input forms easy. Consult the Form Tags Reference for all the details about the Struts 2 form tags. Each of the Struts 2 form tags has numerous attributes to mimic the normal HTML form tag attributes. To create the outer shell of the form, use the Struts 2 form tag.

What is a textfield tag in Struts 2?

The Struts 2 textfield tag created an HTML input tag of type text with a name value that matches the name value of the textfield tag. Struts 2 also created a label HTML tag based on the label value of the textfield tag. In the next tutorial we’ll cover how to use Struts 2 to process this form submission.

What is the use of submit tag in Struts 2?

The Struts 2 textfield tag provides an input html tag of tag text and the submit tag creates a submit button. When the index page is returned by the server to the browser you should see: