What are Star Trek ships named after?

What are Star Trek ships named after?

Name & registry Class Namesake
USS Archer NCC-44276 Jonathan Archer, 22nd century Earth Starfleet captain
USS Archon NCC-189 Daedalus Official title in the ancient Republic of Athens
USS Arcos NCC-6237 Deneva Uncertain
USS Aries NCC-45167 Renaissance Constellation of Aries (Ram)

Why did Gene Roddenberry call the ship Enterprise?

When the original Star Trek debuted in 1966, the show’s creator Gene Roddenberry was inspired to name the starship USS Enterprise after the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier CVN 65, commissioned five years earlier in 1961. USS Enterprise (CVN 80) will continue that legacy of inspiring the imagination.

Why are Star Trek ships named USS?

Officially, the designator means “United Star Ship (Federation of Planets).” The creator of the show, Gene Roddenberry, was a US Navy man and his vision of Star Trek was of a Naval vessel in space. It’s usage dates back to the seafaring days when the US Navy used U.S.S. to mean “United States Ship.”

What does SS stand for in Star Trek?

Survey Ship
model builder Bruce MacRae and co-builder of the SS Vico studio model, has postulated the “SS” prefix to stand for “Survey Ship”, a designation that actually fitted the “job description” of most such endowed vessels featured in the Star Trek live-action productions. [ 1]

What is the name of the lead ship in Star Trek?

Lead ship in Starfleet Corps of Engineers novel series. Named for Leonardo da Vinci. USS Endurance: NCC-70114: Mentioned as replacement ship for Captain Christine McDonald in the book Star Trek: Preserver. USS Falchion: Unknown: Featured in the novel Star Trek: The Fall – A Ceremony of Losses. USS Marco Polo: Unknown

Was the Star Trek Enterprise’s name inspired by history?

But there’s something very special about the Star Trek Enterprise ship name: the factitious ship pulled its name from history, but later inspired history. Before Captain Kirk and his friends sailed into the stars, real soldiers sailed on the CVN-6 and CVN-65 aircraft carriers, as well as a few schooners and sailing vessels.

What is the relationship between Star Trek and NASA?

The association between Star Trek and NASA grew stronger over time – the first NASA orbiter shuttle, Space Shuttle Enterprise, was named after the USS Enterprise of Star Trek fame. The IXS Enterprise, NASA’s conceptual design for a superluminal spacecraft, was similarly named after the USS Enterprise in 2014.

What was the original name of the enterprise class ship?

The 1973 Franz Joseph Blueprints list this ship as NCC-1704. Ostensibly a refit of the Constitution class, this ship is referred to as ” Enterprise class” in Andrew G. Probert’s non-canon Star Trek The Motion Picture: 14 Official Blueprints. [52] [53] USS Enterprise NCC-1701 was refitted following extensive service.