What are some questions about Christianity?

What are some questions about Christianity?

Here’s what I suggest are twenty of the most important questions Christians have raised in our two thousand years of existence.

  • What’s the Relationship between Christianity and Judaism?
  • What Makes Someone a Heretic?
  • What Happens to Christians Who Backslide?
  • Are Jesus and the Holy Spirit Divine?

What are the most asked questions about Christianity?

Christianity’s most frequently asked questions, answered

  1. Science and God are opposed, right?
  2. Isn’t faith just irrational and emotive?
  3. If God is real, then why is there so much suffering and hardship and persecution that we see going on around us?

What influenced Christianity philosophy?

Although Neoplatonism was the major philosophical influence on Christian thought in its early period and has never ceased to be an important element within it, Aristotelianism also shaped Christian teachings.

What is a good question to ask about the Bible?

Medium Bible Trivia (With Answers!)

  • Question: True or False: David wrote the entire book of Psalms.
  • Question: What is the shortest book in the Bible?
  • Question: How many books are in the Bible?
  • Question: How many books in the Old Testament?
  • Question: How many books in the New Testament?

Can You Trust the Bible?

Can You Trust the Bible? is an easy-to-read yet comprehensive book that will help you understand how the Bible is ultimately trustworthy. Many Christians and non-Christians alike often wonder if a book written centuries ago can be trusted. Author Dr. Sala shows how the Bible is different from any other book in history.

How does philosophy relate to religion?

Philosophy has its basis in reason. Theology deals with thinking about religious beliefs in a rational manner but it presumes faith. Philosophy of Religion is rational thought about religious issues and concerns without a presumption of the existence of a deity or reliance on acts of faith.

What is the philosophy of the Bible?

The philosophy of the Bible is a religious philosophy, and that is implicit in its texts on “the nature of reasoning in religious thought, the warranting of beliefs, the justification of religious experience, strategies in polemical arguments, the nature of rational thinking, and the logic of belief revision.”

Is Christianity based on stoicism?

Stoicism is not connected to Christianity. Although Stoicism refers to gods, it is a philosophical doctrine without religion. Q: What do Stoics believe? Stoicism holds that we can only rely on our responses to outside events, while the events themselves we cannot control.

What is the Christian philosophy of religion based on?

-My research regards the Christian philosophy of religion (since 14 years of lectureship) that is based upon the analytical philosophy. -The analytical philosophy is based upon (to a great extent) the mathematics and the laws of thought.

What is the difference between analytical philosophy and the Christian philosophy?

-The analytical philosophy is based upon (to a great extent) the mathematics and the laws of thought. -Well, mathematics both as arithmetic and geometry is limited, whereas the Christian philosophy of religion regards a.o. God Who is unlimited.

What questions did Aimee ask about Christianity?

she asked. I told her that Christians weren’t perfect, that some fail miserably, that many are honest and caring, but that it is Jesus we ultimately trust. Aimee asked question on question: “How can you believe the Bible?”

What are historical issues in the Christian faith?

These are issues that either directly affect our understanding of a core historical Christian concept or teaching, or otherwise have obvious implications for secondary (non-essential) concepts or teachings (such as God’s relation to time or how to reconcile God’s sovereignty and man’s freedom of the will).