What are some examples of brand extension?

What are some examples of brand extension?

Some example of brand extension are:

  • Apple: from personal computers into MP3 players.
  • Callaway: from golf clubs into footwear, apparel and golf accessories.
  • Dyson: from vacuum cleaners into desk lamps.
  • Starbucks: coffee-based beverages into energy drinks.
  • Mailchimp: email marketing to Facebook ads.

Is Disney a brand extension?

Another great example of brand positioning is Disney. With movies, T.V. shows, theme parks, coloring books, and baby clothing (to name only five of its many products), Disney has learned to wield logic and leverage in a masterful way. One successful brand extension is the Disney English-language training center.

What are some examples of brand extensions that have damaged?

Brand extension failures

  • Cosmopolitan yogurt. Cosmopolitan, published in 36 languages and distributed in more than 100 countries made the incredulous link between their readership and dairy products.
  • Colgate Kitchen Entrees.
  • Harley Davidson cake decorating kit.
  • Virgin Brides.
  • easyJet’s easyCinema.
  • Zippo female perfume.

What is Extension Innovation example?

A product line extension is when an existing brand launches new products in a product category they already offer products within. For example, when a soft drink company offers a new flavor of soda.

What is meant by brand extension?

A brand extension is when a company uses one of its established brand names on a new product or new product category. It’s sometimes known as brand stretching.

What is Disneys brand positioning?

First of all, Disney’s brand positioning is to create happy, then sell happy , pay much attention to the experience of consumption, to bring customers unique gaming experience. Make people think of happiness once thinking of Disney.

What is line extension and brand extension?

Line extensions occur when a company introduces additional items in the same product category under the same brand name such as new flavors, forms, colors, added ingredients, package sizes. This is as opposed to brand extension which is a new product in a totally different product category.

What is multi brand extension?

Multi brand A variation of the product line extension above, is to run a multiple brand strategy within the same market. As you can see from the matrix, a multi-brand strategy involves having more than one brand competing in the same product category. Again this is a relatively common approach for large companies.

What is Businessline extension?

Line extensions refers to the process of expanding an existing product line. This is when a company with an established brand introduces additional items in a product category. The company uses the value of the existing product to market and introduce new choices to consumers.

What is serviceline extension?

A service extension strategy modifies and/or extends service features from the original service lines to a certain extent. Thus, from a customer’s perspective, a service extension creates a certain degree of atypicality of the service descriptions and the category expectations.

What are some successful brand extensions of Disney products?

One successful brand extension is the Disney English-language training center. Though less ingrained in popular culture than other Disney products, this particular extension has been incredibly successful in China.

What is brand extension?

Brand extension is a marketing strategy that involves a company using its well-established brand name or image to introduce a new product or product categories to its customer base. This strategy works best when the new product category is related to its parent category and is something consumers and customers want.

What are the most successful brand extensions?

Historically, the most successful brand extensions are the ones that closely tie to the company’s core brand or flagship product, like Gerber’s baby clothes and Dole’s frozen fruit bars.

What are the types of horizontal brand extensions?

product in the same product class or to a product category altogether new to the company, it is called horizontal brand extension. According to Aaker and Keller (1990), based on their focus, there are two varieties of horizontal brand extensions viz.; line extensions and franchise extensions.