What are lederhosen?

What are lederhosen?

Lederhosen are short leather trousers for men that are a traditional part of Bavarian, Swiss, and Austrian costume often referred to as ‘Trachten’. Lederhosen are perhaps the most well-known part of the costume, apart from the dirndl. They are very close fitting and made from a robust and durable leather.

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How much does Black Cow lederhosen cost?

Sort by: Black Cow Lederhosen (LEDBLK3-100) with suspenders. $150.00 Black Cow Lederhosen (LEDBLK3-300EBWGOLD) with Bavaria suspenders Gold Embroidery. $150.00 Black Cow Lederhosen (LEDBLK3-300EBWGREEN) with Bavaria suspenders. $150.00 Black Cow Lederhosen (LEDBLK3-900W) with suspenders. $150.00 $135.00

What is altaltbayerisch goat lederhosen?

Altbayerisch Goat Lederhosen with light green embroidery Includes suspenders Premium quality soft goat leather Order by your actual measured waist. This may be different than your pant’s size.

How much does authentic lederhosen cost?

Ex Tax: $109.00 Authentic Lederhosen made from the best quality 100% authentic cow suede leather including traditional detailed motifs, this traditionally designed mens authentic lederhosen is the ideal companion for folk festivals, Oktoberfest or Halloween as well.

How do you measure for German lederhosen outfits?

This lederhosen outfit comes with the matching suspenders (shirt, socks and shoes are not included). All our German lederhosen outfits are advertised in actual inches (US Sizes), measured around the inside of the waist band. Please compare with the measurement of your jeans or pants at home to see with how many inches you can up with.

What to wear with Lederhosen?

There are a few rules for wearing lederhosen if you want to cut a dashing figure in them. Traditionally, the lederhosen for men is usually combined with a shirt, socks and the famous Haferlschuhe – a type of brogue.