What are cool names for a black boy?

What are cool names for a black boy?

50 Black Baby Boy Names and Meanings

  • Aiyden – Little fire.
  • Andres – Manly, brave, warrior.
  • Antonne – Priceless.
  • Booker – Scribe.
  • Brayton- Broad, brave.
  • Briceson – Nobleman’s son.
  • Chaquille – Handsome.
  • Cornell – Horn, college and town name.

What are some strong African boy names?

Here are some of the winning entries:

  • Abdullah. Servant of God.
  • Amari. Meaning eternal.
  • Bongani. The grateful one.
  • Femi. The full name is usually Olufemi.
  • Hakim. The ruler.
  • Lethabo. Often shortened to Thabo, this popular name means happiness and joy.
  • Mandla. Strength.
  • Ola.

What are male African names?

Top African boy names

  • Aadan. Meaning ”son of Adam” this name is the Somali version of the name Adam.
  • Abidemi. With west African origins, this name means ”born during his fathers absence”.
  • Amari. This African male name means ”possesses great strength”
  • Bamidele.
  • Chima.
  • Chiumbo.
  • Diallo.
  • Faraji.

What is a badass male name?

Badass Boy Names for Your Tough Little Love

Arnold Eagle ruler German
Bernard Strong, brave bear German
Blade Knife, sword English
Blaze Stutter Latin
Bond Peasant farmer German

What are some African American baby names?

African-American Boy Names:

  • Ahmod: An Arabic name that means ‘highly praise’, this name is a beautiful variation of Ahmed.
  • Asaad: This spelling variation of Asad is Arabic for ‘lion’, which means your son has a brave name.
  • Autry: Autry is a French name meaning noble strength.
  • Booker:
  • Busta:
  • Calvin:
  • Caleb:
  • Craig:

What are names for black?

15 Color-Inspired Names for Black Cats

  • Shadow.
  • Dusk.
  • Twilight.
  • Gray.
  • Ebony.
  • Pitch.
  • Inky.
  • Graphite.

What name means king in Africa?

Here are some examples of African names meaning king: Oba – King. Eze – King. Malik – King.

What is the African name for warrior?

Gamba (African origin) meaning “warrior”, is one of the most popular African boy names.

What name means strong in African?

Ekon: A Nigerian baby name meaning “strong” that sounds like it, too!

What is the African name for handsome?

The African boys’ name Alassane means handsome.

What boy name means leader?

Duke. It is quite evident that the name Duke translates to the leader.

What name means rebel?

Mary (Hebrew origin) meaning “rebellion”.

What are the most popular African boy names?

Discover the most popular African boy names Name Origin Amari African Jamir African Zaire African Demarcus African American

What are some cute and unique meaningful baby names for black Americans?

Black Americans are always trendy in naming their newborns. There are several factors they consider before providing a name to their child. Considering those factors, we are publishing some cute and unique meaningful baby boy names that we think would be helpful. 1. Aman: The Arabic name Aman means conviction, faith.

What is the best name for a baby boy in Nigeria?

When your baby boy’s eyes influence you to name him based on his glance, choose Suvillan. 22. Thomas: The name Thomas carries a North European gene that means leader. 23. Ujunwa: as popular in Nigerian tradition, Ujunwa is a child who is wealthy or bears the abundance of prosperity. 24. Vincent: Vincent arrived from the Latin word Vincere.

What are some famous nicknames that come from Africa?

Marley (Name inspired by Bob Marley. Luxor (Means the Palaces. Upper Egyptian city that was the ancient city of Thebes.) Douglass (Inspired by Frederick Douglass). Latimer (Inspired by Lewis Latimer who patented the filament in the light bulb and many other inventions). Mali (Inspired by the great ancient African Kingdom).