What a Web Designer Really Does

What a Web Designer Really Does

The web design profession appeared alongside the creation of the Internet, and ever since websites needed to be made, someone was needed to design them correctly. This is what a web designer does. They are responsible not only for the visuals but also for making the website convenient for the visitor. If you need to design a website, you might consider collaborating with professional web designers or web design companies. Let us see how it can help you achieve your business goals online.

The Job Description of a Web Designer

If you hire a professional UX/UI design agency, these are the tasks they can help you with:

  • Developing a prototype and sketch the overall structure of the future website
  • Creating an adaptive version that fits all devices: PC, laptop or tablet, smartphone
  • Creating graphic elements of the site like banners, icons, buttons, order forms, and so on
  • Selecting the general style of the website
  • Creating typography: fonts, columns of text, pictures
  • Thinking about the navigation that is convenient for users

The exact tasks are discussed with the customer and depend on business needs. The designer should propose the best solution while respecting customer’s demands but not always sticking to them. For example, sometimes the client insists on an irrelevant or complex design, which will complicate the usability of the site. In this case, the task of the web designer is to prove their competence and explain why it is necessary to do just what is proposed by the agency and not otherwise. It is necessary to convey to the client that the main concern is the site’s convenience for visitors. In the end, it is for them that websites, web applications, and online stores are made.

The Benefits of Working with a Professional Web Design Agency

The Internet is full of free website builders that allow you to construct a website in seconds. Why pay money if you can just use one of the standard solutions? Well, the free and easy solution is not flawless, but professional, custom web design solves several problems at once:

  • It allows a company to express corporate identity. Having a unique identity and a tailor-made website allows demonstrating to your clients and business partners that you are a serious company. Corporate colors and fonts, designer pictures, the recognizable style will distinguish the site from the mass of similar ones.
  • This creates a more presentable image in the eyes of customers and competitors. It is obvious when the website is made for free using a set of built-in templates. It is alright for a personal portfolio or a student graduation project but certainly not okay for a serious business.
  • Working with a web agency gives you a legal guarantee. The vendor works under contract, and the customer receives not only the finished project but also the copyright.

Where to Find a Good Web Designer

There are several well-known ways to help you find a specialist:

  • On freelance exchanges – This is the most inexpensive and affordable option: you can literally make a website design for a couple of thousand dollars. However, there is a risk of running into an unprofessional one. Such websites are often used by newbies who want to gain experience, and the result of their work may be unpredictable. Be careful and be sure to ask the freelancer to show the portfolio to evaluate the quality of their work first.
  • In social networks – The web design profession is relatively new, and now there are many freelance specialists who work for themselves. These pros have already outgrown exchanges; they work as private entrepreneurs or private studios. Oftentimes, they contract with agencies or design studios and work remotely. It’s easy to find them by searching. On their websites or Facebook groups, you can often find examples of their work and feedback from former clients. However, this option might be as costly as working with a web design studio with a reputation on the market.
  • By acquaintance – Perhaps your friends or partners have already used the services of web designers and are happy to share their contacts. Conduct an independent mini-audit: look at their portfolio and if you like what you see invite them for a job interview. If everything suits you, make a contract and start working.
  • Web development agencies – As a rule, good specialists in various fields are hired by large international IT firms. Web designers are no exception. All of them work in conjunction and complement each other’s professional tasks. Non-professionals are not taken there: the company’s reputation is too important to maintain.
  • Find a web design studio – This is the best option, as studio workers specialize in this specific area. For example, if the studio creates websites primarily for online stores and you also want to develop an e-commerce website, the company will deliver the best value for the money because they have a professional team and relevant experience.
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Final Thoughts

If you need to design a website that looks appealing to your clients and helps you develop your business, ask for professional help. An experienced web designer or web agency will help you to make the most out of this experience and stand out amongst the competition.