What 2 dogs make a Dutch Shepherd?

What 2 dogs make a Dutch Shepherd?

Although the Dutch Shepherd’s origins are somewhat muddied, it is suggested that they descend from the same herding dogs that also created the Belgian Shepherd and German Shepherd. He was originally bred in the early 1800s in the southern part of the Netherlands.

How rare is a Dutch Shepherd?

While Dutch Shepherds are more rare than many other shepherd breeds, they are known to be some of the healthiest and easiest to train. They come in three different kinds of coats that are beautifully brindle.

How much does a Dutch Shepherd puppy cost?

You should expect to pay at least $1,200 for your Dutch Shepherd puppy. And even more for breeding rights or competition quality dogs, with some reaching more than $7,000. Higher quality breeders will cost more, but you are more likely to receive a healthy dog with no genetic defects.

Are Dutch shepherds long haired?

The Dutch Shepherd breed is a breed of very good search and rescue mission dogs. This beautiful dog has three variations, long-haired, rough-haired (famously known as wire-haired), and short-haired.

What is Knpv Dutch Shepherd?

The KNPV Dutch Shepherd is the most commonly used Dutch Shepherd in the training program of The Royal Dutch Police Dog Association or De Koninklijke Nederlandse Politiehonden Vereniging (KNPV). There are many examples of great Dutch Shepherds who exceeded and won great prizes.

Are Dutch shepherds like Belgian Malinois?

Dutch Shepherds are similar to Belgian Malinois in the sense that they’ve been bred for hard work. The AKC says that these Dutch dogs can differentiate between work, play and chill time. Again, like Malinois, they want to serve a greater purpose than purely being a family pet.

Should I get a Dutch Shepherd or Belgian Malinois?

One is the shorter coat, which makes him look very similar to the Belgian Malinois who also has a short coat. The Dutch Shepherd also has the option of a medium-length coat that is known as a rough coat. So, if you prefer shaggier looking dogs, the rough-coated Dutch Shepherd will be your best bet.

Is a Dutch shepherd a Belgian Malinois?

Is a Dutch shepherd a German shepherd?

Many people think these breeds one and the same due to very similar name. However, physically, Dutch Shepherds differ to German Shepherds by their smaller size, wedge-shaped heads, and brindle coats. German Shepherds also prone to more health problems than Dutchies, such as hip dysplasia.

Are Dutch Shepherds like Belgian Malinois?

How do you tell if your dog is a Dutch Shepherd?

The easiest way to tell the difference between Dutch shepherds and German shepherds is by the coat: The brindle coloration is exclusive to the Dutch shepherd. Additionally, Dutch shepherds are smaller than their German cousins, with both male and female dogs clocking in around 2 feet tall, and between 45–75 pounds.

Are Dutch Shepherds better than Malinois?

Both breeds can trace their roots back to herding cattle and sheep, but Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds serve other purposes in modern society. Belgian Malinois are described as a confident, smart and hardworking breed, while Dutch Shepherds are considered intelligent, lively and athletic.

How tall does a Dutch Shepherd get?

On average, Dutch Shepherds generally reach between 21 and 25 inches in height and weigh between 42-75 pounds. Males are typically slightly heavier than females. Either way, this breed is known for being slender in physique. Dutch Shepherds have an aptitude for activity.

What kind of dog is a Dutch Shepherd?

Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) The Dutch Shepherd is a herding dog of Dutch origin. They were used by shepherds and farmers who needed a versatile dog, with few demands, and a dog that was able to adapt to a harsh and meager existence.

How much does a Dutch Shepherd weigh?

The Dutch Shepherd on average weigh between 50–70 pounds (23–32 kg) and the height varies between 55–63 cm (approximately 22 to 25 inches tall at the withers). Depending on the coat the breed can be distinguished as short-hair, long-hair, or rough-hair.

What color is a Dutch Shepherd?

A distinctive feature of the Dutch Shepherd is his variegated coat color. The Dutch Shepherd comes in five different colors: white, fawn, black and tan, gray and brindle. This is a strong, muscular, proportionally-built dog that has a balanced character.