Should I use OEM spark plug wires?

Should I use OEM spark plug wires?

Generally you will want to stick to an OEM-type spark plug wire, unless you’re confident a high-performance product won’t affect your vehicle negatively. Another key important factor is to always purchase new spark plug wires, as you’ll never know how used second-hand parts are.

Do spark plug wires make a difference?

Benefits of Spark Plug Wires Stronger and more durable cables hold the spark until it finds its way to the spark plug to boost the performance of your vehicle. Improve gas mileage. High-quality wires will allow the spark plugs to start faster and keep your engine running more effectively. Save money.

Is NGK an OEM?

We partner with OEMs to develop the latest innovations, making NGK/NTK the supplier of choice for nearly every manufacturer. NGK has built a reputation for quality and reliability with state-of-the-art facilities across the country.

Are NGK spark plugs good?

Consistently high quality, a comprehensive applications catalog and time-proven performance make NGK an excellent choice for standard electrode and noble metal wire tipped spark plugs.

How do I choose spark plug wires?

Most manufacturers recommend an 8 or 8.5mm plug wire on most applications. Exceptions would be an all-out race car or a street rod where EMI/RFI suppression is not a concern, but weight and appearance are. In which case, a 5 or 7mm wire might be a better option.

Are NGK Spark Plugs Made in Japan?

(日本特殊陶業株式会社, Nihon Tokushu Tōgyō kabushiki gaisha) is a public company established in 1936 and based in Nagoya, Japan. NGK manufactures and sells spark plugs and related products for internal combustion engines, along with ceramics and applicable products….NGK.

Native name 日本特殊陶業株式会社
Website NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

Where is NGK made?

NGK is a manufacturing company based out of Nagoya, Japan. The NGK Spark Plug manufacturing plant opened in Sissonville, West Virginia, in 1995. The Sissonville plant now produces oxygen sensors and spark plugs for internal combustion engines, along with ceramics and applicable products.

Which NGK spark plug is the best?

NGK 6619 Iridium IX Spark Plugs
NGK 6619 Iridium IX Spark Plugs snagged the top pick in our spark plug comparison because they offered the best mix of high-performance, fuel efficiency, durability, and dependability. Featuring an iridium construction, these high-quality spark plugs provide a longer lifespan than copper and platinum spark plugs.

What are the best spark plugs and plug wires?

The Best Spark Plug Wires and Everything You Need to Know Editor’s Pick: ACDelco. ACDelco offers a variety of spark plug wire sets for a wide range of applications and vehicles. NGK. NGK is one of the largest OE suppliers and manufacturers of spark plugs, oxygen sensors, and air/fuel sensors in North America, so there’s little surprise the company’s spark MSD. JEGS. Denso. Bosch.

What size socket do I need for NGK spark plugs?

The most important tool is a socket wrench with an extension and a spark plug socket. Spark plug sockets come in two sizes: 5/8 inches and 13/16 inches. Most spark plug sockets have a rubber insert that holds the plug snugly in place. You may also need a universal joint if your spark plugs are difficult to reach.

What is a good spark plug?

Copper spark plugs are generally considered to have the best performance of any spark plug type. This is potentially different from what advertising companies suggest, but the other metals are, unfortunately, not as conductive in general as copper is.

What is the best spark plug brand?

For the vast majority of drivers on the road today, the Bosch Platinum +4 can be considered the best all-around spark plug. The Platinum +4 achieves its high performance by employing four (as opposed to one) yttrium-enhanced ground electrodes.