Should I lie about Aubert Fallout 4?

Should I lie about Aubert Fallout 4?

When talking to the High Confessor, the player character has the option to lie (medium Charisma check) that Aubert is loyal, thus receiving the Inquisitor’s cowl without condemning her. If the check fails and the note was given back to her, the only option is to lie and say that no proof was found.

How do you get Cait’s personal quest?

To trigger Cait’s quest after the bugged conversation, one can also:

  1. Get rid of any companion (do this by talking to them and choosing the appropriate dialogue branch),
  2. Stand in front of Cait,
  3. Open console and execute setstage 1666c5 0.

What’s the best ending for Far Harbor?

– Reformation
The happiest ending with the most rewards is available if you choose this quest to end the main storyline in Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC. This branch grants the most rewards.

Who is Cait?

Cait is a cage fighter and a possible companion living in the Combat Zone in 2287 . Cait was born into a distant and abusive family of Irish 1 descent in 2261, her parents would routinely physically and verbally abuse her.

What do Cait and Curie say about travel with Cait?

” Curie: ” I think if you travel with Cait, you may need to bring a little more ammo. “, to which Cait replies: ” You’re just jealous because you’ll be missin’ all the fun. ” Deacon: ” And here she is, the one the only… Caaaait.

What did Cait say to strong?

Caaaait. Is that how they used to do it in the Combat Zone? “, to which Cait replies: ” I’d be glad to show you how we did things in the Combat Zone, Deacon. Name the time and the place. ” Strong: ” Strong find milk of human kindness on own. “, to which Cait replies: ” What the hell is he talkin’ about? Never mind. I don’t want to know.

What happens to Cait in the companion quest?

During Cait’s companion quest, Cait may begin to randomly collapse as if incapacitated during the dialogue. This will continue following completion of the quest. [verified] ↑ The Sole Survivor: “Why didn’t you run away?”