Should I give Josh to stag or Shaundi?

Should I give Josh to stag or Shaundi?

Giving Josh to Shaundi is the much better choice. You can gain all territory by doing fairly easy activities, so the STAG takeover is a bit useless. You can only get Josh and Nyte Blayde by keeping him in this mission which is why it’s better to do so.

How does Johnny Gat come back?

Saints Row IV Later, when Zinyak floods Virtual Steelport with past enemy gangs such as Vice Kings, The Ronin and Morningstar, Kinzie notices that it fits the psychological profile of Johnny. From this, the Saints know that Gat is alive.

How does hourly income work in Saints Row 3?

Each neighborhood adds $200 daily, added to the Stash hourly, which is $8.33 per hood per hour. At the end of the game with all neighborhoods controlled, the total is $300 hourly, which is $7200 per game day.

How many copies did Saints Row 4 Sell?

one million copies
Saints Row IV sold over one million copies in its first week, and as of 2013, Volition has not released total sales figures….Reception.

Publication Score
Polygon 9/10
USgamer 4.5/5

What happens if you save Shaundi?

If the game is saved and reloaded, “Gangstas in Space” begins automatically. While there are no rewards after this mission for saving Shaundi, completing “Gangstas in Space” has a $100,000 reward, whereas STAG Film has no cash reward. This ending is the canon ending, and Saints Row IV continues on from it.

What year is Saints Row 3 set in?

Plot. Saints Row: The Third takes place in 2014, “years after” the events of Saints Row 2.

What are the strongholds in Saints Row 3?

Strongholds in Saints Row: The Third

  • 3 Count Beat Down.
  • Hit the Powder Room.
  • Pimps Up, Hos Down.
  • Stop all the Downloading.

Is Saints Row a parody of GTA?

Saints Row is a sequel to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in a way that none of the later, actual GTA games are. Saints Row improves on GTA in another way too: via its side-missions.

How many trading cards are there in Saints Row the third?

Saints Row: The Third had Steam trading card support added on 11 July 2013. There are 7 cards in the series, and you’ll receive 4 cards at random for purchasing and playing the game. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

What are unlockables in Saints Row?

Unlockables are rewards in Saints Row . Unlockables are awarded after completion of Activities, as well as some missions. Clothing items are unlocked in the Wardrobe. Vehicles are unlocked in the Garage. Weapons are unlocked in the Weapons Cache.

How can I Help you in saintsbook?

You can help by editing the page. Find Assassination Targets, Vehicle Theft Lists, and Challenges in SAINTSBOOK on your Cell Phone. Purchase new Abilities, Bonuses, and Skills in the UPGRADES menu on your Cell Phone. Equip the SA3 Airstrike Designator at your Crib Weapon Cache. Equip the Cyber Buster at your Crib Weapon Cache.