Is Zepp Baseball discontinued?

Is Zepp Baseball discontinued?

As you may have heard, Zepp is discontinuing the sale of their current Zepp Baseball and Zepp Softball products. The Zepp Sensor Trade-in Program provides current Zepp customers with an easy way to continue their training with Blast, utilizing the industry’s most accurate sensor technology.

What does Zepp Baseball measure?

The Zepp baseball sensor is a 0.4-ounce gadget that fits inside a rubber grip (called amount), which attaches to the knob of a softball or baseball bat. The Zepp Labs sensor records these orientation and movement data points and transfers the information to an app on your device via Bluetooth. …

How do you attach a Zepp sensor to baseball?

To pair the sensor to your mobile device, tap on the name of your sensor in the Bluetooth list, which will usually have “Zepp” followed by a letter with 2 digits. At this point your sensor will be connected to the Zepp Baseball or Zepp Golf app!

Is Zepp 2 discontinued?

* Zepp 2 is now listed as out of stock everywhere. In some webshops, it says the product is discontinued. Zepp also had some legal issues with Blast Motion.

Can I use Zepp golf for baseball?

Does this work with the baseball app? Answer: Yes, the Zepp 2 sensor in the Zepp Golf 2 kit works with the Zepp Baseball app.

How accurate is Blast baseball?

An Accurate Baseball Sensor Defined: About the Test Results Blast’s swing sensor exhibited the lowest margin of error – and was significantly more accurate than Zepp’s sensor. Blast’s standard deviation was 3 mph, compared to 5 mph for Diamond Kinetics and 7 mph for Zepp.

Is Zepp golf still in business?

Zepp Labs’ sensors let you analyze your performance across a number of sports, including baseball, softball, golf, tennis and soccer. Zepp’s baseball and softball sensor products will no longer be sold in the US and the court’s injunction will go into effect after June 17th of this year.

How do I connect my Zepp 1 sensor?

Pair your Zepp Sensor with your iOS or Android device To begin, charge your Zepp Sensor for 2-3 hours to ensure a full charge. Next, turn on your sensor by pressing the side of the multi-function button and holding for four seconds. A running LED light will indicate that the device is on.

What has replaced Garmin TruSwing?

Since writing this, Garmin has discontinued the TruSwing and that’s even more reason to go with the Arccos Sensors. If you’re just looking for a golf GPS, you should check out our favorites list here.

What is Blast motion baseball?

Blast Motion Baseball The industry’s most accurate swing analyzer, integrated with automatic assessments, insights, player to coach communication, and information/player management tools. The app automatically detects a player’s swing and clips the video to create a series of video highlights.

What is a good bat speed on blast?

High school, mid-50s to mid 70s. College and pro, mid-60s to maybe mid-80s. Those are the ranges and averages, but there are a few factors, including the bat size and age, that would affect swing speed.”

How do I download and install Zepp baseball on my Device?

1. Tap on the iOS App Store icon / Google Play icon on your iOS or Android device. 2. In the search toolbox, enter Zepp Baseball. 3. There will be an icon with an add feature that says “Free” for iOS users and “Install” for Android users. Click this icon. A new green icon will appear asking “Install App”. Tap it. 4.

How do I use Zepp?

Simply take a few swings and Zepp will instantly evaluate the areas where you can improve and offer you training programs that are tailored to your swing. Just attach the sensor to the end of your bat and let Zepp help you become the player you aspire to be. SEE YOUR SWING LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

How can Zepp help you improve your swing?

Just attach the sensor to the end of your bat and let Zepp help you become the player you aspire to be. SEE YOUR SWING LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Instantly review your swing in 3D from any angle and analyze the most critical metrics for playing your best. PERSONAL GUIDANCE IS ONLY A SWING AWAY.

How do I use the sensor for multiple sports?

Multi-Sport Functionality Your sensor will work with 2 Zepp Sports Apps: Zepp Baseball and Zepp Golf. Simply download the mobile app of choice and attach the sensor to the appropriate bat, or golf mount. To use the sensor for a different sport, connect your sensor to your mobile device and open the app of your choice.