Is Yasuo mid lane?

Is Yasuo mid lane?

Yasuo Build 12.1 ranks as an A-Tier pick for the Mid Lane role in Season 12.

How do you build op Yasuo?


  1. First Back. Set 1. B. F. Sword Boots.
  2. Set 2 (vs hard ap carry) Hexdrinker Boots.
  3. Set 3 (VS Full Ad Team) Vampiric Scepter Ninja Tabi.
  4. Core Item. Infinity Edge Phantom Dancer.

Is Yasuo high skill cap?

Yasuo is a very strong, high skill-cap, hyper carry, melee champion. He is fairly squishy, but very strong and mobile which is the ideal combination for insane outplays. When pro players have mastered this champion and all his mechanics, you get things like 1v5 penta kills.

Does Yasuo have a weakness?

Weakness: Reliance on farming and killing for equipment (ungeared Yasuo is just a large minion); very demanding of player’s skills and familiarity with him, also of a good net connection; fragile and limited range capability; relatively low burst compared to true assassins; Need to maintain constant movements to …

Is Yasuo no skill?

Yasuo is the same as Riven or Zed, low skill floor but very high skill ceiling. He takes time to master and is very rewarding to play due to his mobility and damage.

Is Yasuo an easy champ?

In summary, Yasuo is not the most difficult champion. However, the difference between a good and a great Yasuo is their ability to act with restraint and not feed. The best way to outplay Yasuo, is to let him outplay himself. Difficulty is out of 100.

Why is Yasuo so popular?

1 He’s an absolutely amazing soloQ champ, who unlike many champs, has the potential to carry entire games 1v9. 2 Yasuo’s innate ability to tilt mages can surprisingly turn games very easily 3 High mobility, high damage, and extremely rewarding to play when mastered.

What is your playstyle as Yasuo?

Short playstyle as Yasuo, focus on farming and learning matchups, always give your jungler prio and if you have a good botlane/toplane knockup/cc then don’t be afraid to roam a lot! Airblade: When you have tornado up you beyblade something, and the second the Beyblade animation goes of you flash to knock up the area that you flashed too.

How much damage does Yasuo do with flow?

At 100 stacks and upon taking damage from enemy champions or monsters, Yasuo consumes all Flow to shield himself for 115−525 for up to 1 second (depending on level). First and Second cast: Yasuo thrusts forward with his sword, dealing 20 / 45 / 70 / 95 / 120 (+1.0 per attack damage) physical damage to all enemies in a line.

How to deal with Mundo as Yasuo?

Mundo tend’s to start Sunfire, and thus Yasuo tend’s to struggle dealing with Mundo. I suggest you buy executioners early (i.e. first back if you can).