Is VMware hands on lab free?

Is VMware hands on lab free?

Hands-on Labs Try vSphere for Free Evaluate the latest features and functionality of vSphere in a free, self-paced lab. Get started in minutes—no installation required.

How much is VMware training?

VMware VCP certification is well known for boosting career prospects and salary. However, after you factor in the REQUIRED coursework (more on this soon), and the cost of the exams, the price tag is a staggering $4500.

How many days it will take to learn VMware?

How Long Does It Take to Learn VMware vSphere? Though the certifications only take five to seven days, what matters most is how VMware vSphere jives with your creativity. While it may take months for someone trying to learn it on their own, you can do it in a couple of days if you follow the steps below.

How does VMware SRM replication work?

SRM leverages VMware vSphere Replication to provide hypervisor-based virtual machine replication. It protects VMs from partial or complete site failures by copying the virtual machines from a primary site to a secondary site, or from multiple sources to a single disaster recovery site.

What is VMware hol?

Hands-on Labs allow you to evaluate the features and functionality of VMware products with no installation required.

What is the VMware site recovery manager™ training course?

This two-day, hands-on training course gives experienced VMware vSphere® administrators the knowledge to install, configure, and manage VMware Site Recovery Manager™ 8.2. This course also shows you how to write and test disaster recovery plans that use Site Recovery Manager. This course is also available in an On Demand format.

How does SRM integrate with VMware vSphere?

It can integrate natively with vSphere Replication, vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols) integrated storage arrays, or with a broad range of storage array–based replication solutions from leading storage vendors through storage replication adapters SRM guides users through the process of configuring recovery plans.

What is vSphere site recovery manager?

Site Recovery Manager is available as a perpetual license or as a service through VMware Site Recovery for VMware Cloud on AWS. Use policy-driven automation to protect thousands of virtual machines easily using centralized recovery plans managed from the vSphere Web Client.

What is VMware site recovery for VMware Cloud on AWS?

VMware Site Recovery for VMware Cloud on AWS is a separate service, but it is built on top of Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication. Site Recovery provides on-demand disaster recovery as a service to protect your workloads both on-premises and on VMware Cloud on AWS.