Is Verso reliable?

Is Verso reliable?

Toyota has an enviable reputation for building reliable cars, but although the Toyota Verso scored a full-five star rating when it was crash-tested in 2010, car safety standards have improved, meaning more modern rivals could prove safer in a collision.

What is a Toyota Verso S?

The Toyota Verso-S is a smartly packaged small MPV that looks good and is cheap to buy and run. by: Auto Express team.

What car is similar to Toyota Verso?

Toyota Verso-S vs rivals

  • Introduction.
  • 1st Hyundai ix20 1.4.
  • 2nd Nissan Note n-tec 1.4.
  • 3rd Kia Venga 3 1.4.
  • 4th Toyota Verso-S 1.33 T Spirit.
  • Facts and figures.

How long is the Toyota Verso?

Toyota Verso

Toyota Verso (AR20)
Wheelbase 2,780 mm (109.4 in)
Length 4,440–4,450 mm (174.8–175.2 in)
Width 1,790 mm (70.5 in)
Height 1,620–1,640 mm (63.8–64.6 in)

How much weight can a Toyota Verso carry?

Weight and Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres): 55
Gross Vehicle Weight: 2140
Luggage Capacity (Seats Down): N
Max. Loading Weight: 645
Max. Roof Load: 100

How much HP does Toyota Verso have?

Toyota Verso

Toyota Verso (AR20)
Engine Petrol 1.6 L 132 hp (98 kW) I4 1.8 L 147 hp (110 kW)I4 1.8 L 244 hp (182 kW) I4 Diesel 2.0 L 126 hp (94 kW) I4 2.2 L 150 hp (112 kW) I4 2.2 L 177 hp (132 kW) I4
Transmission 6-speed manual CVT
Wheelbase 2,780 mm (109.4 in)

What is the price of a Toyota Verso?

Our Toyota Verso is in middle-ranking Icon trim with the 1.6-litre 110bhp diesel. The list price is £21,995, but with metallic paint (£495), Toyota’s Touch 2 sat-nav (£650) and the Skyview panoramic roof (£550), the price steps up to £23,690.

What do you think about Skyview?

One slight embarrassment for SkyView is that is can be quite difficult to get optical images of the entire sky or very large regions of it, so that images are typically limited to no more than 5 or 10 degrees on a side — and even that can take a long time.

Where do you get inspiration for your verso products?

Get inspired by our beautiful Verso community from all over the world. Tag @versoskincare to share your experience.

What happened to the Skyview panoramic roof on the Toyota Corolla?

The kids loved the Skyview panoramic roof and would insist on it being ceremonially opened before we began any journey. So it’s a shame it’s been dropped as an option, and is now only available on pricier Design and Excel models. There’s also a comfortable driving position, plus plenty of seat and steering adjustment.