Is USC having a graduation 2021?

Is USC having a graduation 2021?

2021 commencement by the numbers Ceremonies will be held at 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. May 14-20 in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Where do I park for USC graduation?

PARKING: Parking at the Coliseum is complimentary for graduates and their guests. Please show your Grad Pass or guest ticket to a parking attendant to access parking. Grads will proceed to the tunnel entrance and guests will proceed to the entry gate specified on their guest ticket.

How long is USC graduation ceremony?

approximately 60-90 minutes
The duration of the Graduation ceremony is approximately 60-90 minutes; however, there are activities before and after the ceremony, such as studio photography. Graduates, guests and USC staff are also invited to enjoy refreshments after the ceremony. For more information, visit Graduation.

What should I wear to USC graduation?

Graduates should wear smart, neat and professional attire (formal evening wear is typically too dressy).

What is USC graduation rate?

91.6% (For first-time, full-time in 2018–19)
University of Southern California/Graduation rate

Who is speaking at USC graduation?

Bina Venkataraman
Bina Venkataraman named 2021 USC commencement speaker.

Where do you park for USC football games?

Exposition Park
For USC games and most events, parking is by permit only; there are no cash lots in Exposition Park. For more available spaces check out USC Campus Parking. For all other events, public parking sells out quickly and rates may vary per event. Entrances to Exposition Park are located at MLK & Hoover and 39th & Figueroa.

How does USC graduation work?

Every graduate will be invited to one ceremony with their specific school or degree program cohort. Graduates will have the opportunity to process across the stage, hear their name announced, receive their diploma covers, and have photos taken, while projected on the screens at the stadium.

Do most students graduate in 4 years at USC?

Overall, 91.5% of USC Undergrads Finish Within Six Years By 2017 , six years after beginning their degree, 91.5% of these students had graduated. We consider the “on-time” graduation rate for a bachelor’s degree to be four years, but colleges typically report their graduation rates after six or even eight years.

What is the 4 year graduation rate for USC?

Graduation Rates

Graduation Rates – 2020
Graduation Rate Within 4 Years 78.3%
Graduation Rate Within 5 Years 89.8%
Graduation Rate Within 6 Years 91.3%
Graduation rates within 6 years by gender

Who do you shake hands with at graduation?

Take the diploma with your left hand and shake the presenter’s hand with your right. Once you approach the presenter, reach out with your left hand to take your diploma. As the presenter hands you the diploma, reach with your right hand to shake hands.

When does the University of Southern California (USC) commencement 2021?

University of Southern California USC Commencement May 14-20, 2021 | Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Where can I watch USC Commencement ceremonies?

All commencement ceremonies are now available to view on-demand on USC’s Virtual Commencement Platform. Rewatch all the festivities from USC’s 137th and 138th Commencement and commemorate your fellow graduates by checking out the interactive celebrations. Congratulations, Class of 2020 and Class of 2021!

Who is the Speaker of the USC commencement speech 2019?

2019 USC Commencement Speaker, Congresswoman Karen Bass. The Honorable Karen Bass delivered the 136th commencement address at the University of Southern California on May 10, 2019.

How do you RSVP for graduation ceremonies at USC?

The ceremonies will take place twice a day from May 14 through May 20 and graduates will attend based on their school’s designated date or dates. Students will receive an email from Marching Order with the RSVP link or may log into with their USC email address.