Is there an end to smashy road?

Is there an end to smashy road?

All games will come to an end eventually, and Smashy Road:Wanted is no different. There are 2 ways you will lose in this game, and they are either being busted or being wasted.

Can the hovercraft float in smashy road?

an epic car that looks like a boatcar. Sadly it cannot go on water due to not being a legendary car. Real life hovercraft can float on water but the hovercraft on smashy road can’t float on water. …

Which car is the fastest in smashy road?

The F1 has the highest speed out of every car in the game along with the Rocket, Drag Racer, and Stealth Drag.

How do you get a tank in srw2?

The Tank is a Mystery vehicle in Smashy Road Wanted 2. It (when obtained) will automatically fire bullets in the direction of any near enemies. To obtain the tank, the player must find their way into a military camp, then enter the tank they see and destroy 10 enemies in under 60 seconds.

Can I drive a hovercraft on the road?

ALL hovercrafts are road legal, tax exempt and free to insure..

What does the Time Machine do in Smashy road?

Time machine is a legendary car brought the game. It has medium durability and relatively good speed. When you reach the maximum speed you leave a trail of fire and the screen changes, making it looks like an old photo (or an old movie) it also puffs out a cloud (or smoke) and has the ability to push back cars.

How do you unlock Tiktok boom?

Tik Tok Boom is one of the 6 Legendary characters in Smashy Road 2. His ability is that he is immune to landmines, which appear when the player reaches 1000 points. If the player can run over 25 landmines, they will unlock the Armory car. He has 7 lives which is extremely high for a Legendary character.

What does the feather do in Smashy Road 2?

Feather is one of the 6 Legendary characters in Smashy Road 2. Her ability is that she can swim for long periods of time and gives you an airdrop every 10 seconds. Normally airdrops come every 30 seconds so this is a very good ability.

How do you get no fun characters?

Run over 40 zombies within 50 seconds to complete the mission and unlock the Zombie Smasher Mystery Vehicle. What is this? Key to Success – Find the carnival and ride the Clown Car. This will instantly unlock the Clown Car Mystery Vehicle and the NOFUN Mystery Character.