Is there an app to keep track of movies you own?

Is there an app to keep track of movies you own?

Trakt [Web, iOS, Android] Probably the most fully-featured service to track TV and movies is Trakt. You can also choose from a whole stack of third-party apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone to manually track what you’re watching.

How do you keep track of digital movies?

6 Best Apps and Online Tools to Track Movies

  • Letterboxd (Website)
  • (Website)
  • CineTrak (Android & iOS)
  • SeriesGuide (Android)
  • Moviebase (Android)
  • Action!
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Can you make folders in Plex?

Plex allows you to add a single library to multiple folders, a handy way to add movies across several hard drives. Typically, users group them by movies and TV shows, but you can divide them up however you want. If you want to have one collection of movies you share, and another you don’t, give them separate folders.

What is the best free movie catalog software?

Top 10 Movie Catalog Software 1 Ant Movie Catalog. It is an easy to use free Movie Catalog Software which lets you create and maintain your movie database. 2 EMDB. 3 My Movie Library. 4 Personal Video Database. 5 Filmotech. 6 moVee 8. 7 Data Crow. 8 Movie Explorer. 9 jMovieManager. 10 GrieeX.

How to make a movie catalogue on your hard drive?

There is a simple way to make a beautiful catalogue of the movie collection on your hard drive. To do that, you need to download and install the program which is called All My Movies – that is the software we’re going to talk about in this article.

What is DVD catalog software used for?

Louis H “A straightforward and easy-to-use software utility that allows you to quickly catalog DVD, CD or Blu-ray disks and organize your data.” Alexandra Savin [] “This software does precisely what its name points out: it helps you easily and quickly catalog disks.

What is easy disk catalog maker?

Easy Disk Catalog Maker. Easy Disk Catalog Maker is the fastest application for cataloging and indexing files, stored on your disks (e.g. Hard Drives, DVDs, Blu-rays, Network drives etc.). It helps you find a file you are looking for in seconds without even connecting all those disks to the PC.