Is there an after hours deluxe vinyl?

Is there an after hours deluxe vinyl?

The Weeknd, Various Artists – After Hours Deluxe Edition – Exclusive Limited Edition Black & Red Splatter Colored Vinyl LP (Variant 002) – Music.

What songs are on the after hours vinyl?


  • Alone Again.
  • Too Late.
  • Hardest To Love.
  • Scared To Live.
  • Snowchild.
  • Escape From LA.
  • Heartless.
  • Faith.

How much time can be on a vinyl?

When cut at 33 rpm the records hold about 22 minutes of music per side. Pretty much every record you’d see in a store is a 33 rpm 12 inch record. In some instances they’re cut at 45 rpm and only hold about 15 minutes per side.

What is the concept of After Hours?

If you do something after hours, you do it outside normal business hours or the time when you are usually at work.

Is there a my dear melancholy vinyl?

The Weeknd 1 album My Dear Melancholy, available for the first time ever on vinyl. The six songs from this project, including the hit single “Call Out My Name” are featured on Side A of the 180-gram vinyl. Side B features an etched design to make this record a true collector’s item.

How many times can you play vinyl before it wears out?

A well-cared for record can be played more than 100 times, with only minor audible sound degradation. If carefully maintained the same disc could be played many hundreds of times in its lifetime. A record played on poorly set-up equipment can be destroyed in just one spin.

How long is a 7 vinyl?

7″ Records (often referred to as 45’s) can be cut at 45 RPM or 33 1/3 RPM. When cut at 33 1/3 you can hold approximately 6:00 minutes per side. When cut at 45 you can hold approximately 4:30 minutes per side.

Is House of Balloons on vinyl?

Double vinyl LP pressing. Reissue of this 2011 mix from the Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and mixer. House of Balloons was originally released as a free download. It’s music incorporates electronic and urban genres including R&B and soul with trip hop and dream pop tones.

When was dear melancholy released?

March 30, 2018
My Dear Melancholy,/Release date