Is there a fudge-a-mania movie?

Is there a fudge-a-mania movie?

A television film based on the book was released on January 7, 1995, in the United States, starring Jake Richardson, Florence Henderson, Eve Plumb, Shirley Knight, Alex Karras, Luke Tarsitano, and Darren McGavin. It was directed by Bob Clark. It also inspired a half-hour Saturday morning TV series, Fudge.

What grade level is fudge-a-mania?

Published on September 30, 1990
Age Group: 8 – 12 years
Reading Level: AR : 3.3 (3.0 Points, Quiz #5220) GLE : 4.5 F&P/GRL : Q DRA : 40 Lexile® measure: 490L

What is the main idea of fudge-a-mania?

Adolescent Awakening. One of the major themes in Fudge-a-mania is adolescent awakening. Peter begins the book as a child. He whines to Mom and Dad about spending his vacation next door to Sheila Tubman, his arch enemy.

How old is Sheila in fudge-a-mania?

Mouse’s little sister at age 4 in Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great.

Is there a movie for fudge Judy Blume?

Fudge is a 1995–1997 American children’s television series based on a series of Judy Blume books about a young boy nicknamed Fudge. The series ran for two seasons (1995–1997), with 24 episodes following a telefilm adaptation of Blume’s novel Fudge-a-Mania, which aired on January 7, 1995 in primetime.

What type of book is fudge a mania?

Children’s literature

What did Mr Fargo do that made Peter’s mom look as if she would faint?

What did Mr. Fargo do that made Peter’s mom look as if she would faint? He announced he was going to stay at the house.

What happened after turtle was sprayed by a skunk?

At one point, he is sprayed by a skunk that decided to steal Brian’s turtle eggs. The spray leaves him blind for two hours and influences Brian to be more prepared in case he was debilitated in the future. He rebuilds his shelter by weaving branches and logs together.

Is there a movie based on Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing?

Based on the popular young-adults’ books “Tales of a Fourth- Grade Nothing” and “Superfudge”, by Judy Blume, this series follows the life of Peter Hatcher and his younger brother Farley Drex… Read all.

What is the plot of Fudge a mania?

Fudge-a-Mania is a 1990 children’s novel by Judy Blume and the fourth in the Fudge series. Peter Hatcher is horrified to learn of his family’s plans to spend summer in a vacation home alongside the Tubmans, the family of his archrival, Sheila Tubman, located in Southwest Harbor, Maine.

What do you think about the book Fudge A Maina?

In my option the book Fudge a maina was a very interesting book. I think the pranks that fudge pulls on his brother Peter are super funny. When Peter finds out that they are living next to his enemy sheila Tubman he refuses to go up. Also in Maine peter finds his true love a librarian named Judy.

How old is Fudge from fudge?

Part of the classic Fudge series from Judy Blume, bestselling author of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing! Peter Hatcher can’t catch a break. His little brother, Fudge—the five-year-old human hurricane—has big plans to marry Peter’s sworn enemy, Sheila Tubman.

What is Fudge by Judy Blume about?

Cute story about Peter and Sheila’s families on vacation in Maine together, but nothing amazing. Cute story about Peter and Sheila’s families on vacation in Maine together, but nothing amazing. This is the 3rd book of Judy Blume’s moderately famous series of Fudge.