Is the Walther PPK a bad gun?

Is the Walther PPK a bad gun?

The PPK/S features the short slide of the Walther PPK and full-length grip of the PP. The PPK/S is not a bad gun at all. The PPK is a fine gun. However, if you have fired the full-size, original PP pistol, you will realize that the PPK is a great shooter, easy to manage and accurate.

Why was James Bond’s gun a Walther PPK?

In one extensive letter to Fleming regarding the accuracy of Russian firearms Boothroyd suggested in passing that Bond should carry the German made Walther PPK (Polizei Pistolen Krimminal = Criminal Police Pistol, designed for undercover detectives) as his chosen sidearm.

What replaced the Walther PPK?

At the beginning of the film version of Dr No, James Bond is forced to relinquish his favoured Beretta 0.25 and is issued with the Walther PPK instead….Browning 1910.

Length: 6.02 inches
Magazine Capacity: 7 rounds

How does the Walther PPK trigger work?

The Walther PPK trigger is a unique experience since it’s a true DA/SA (double action/single action). With your first trigger pull, the trigger will cock and then release the hammer. Each subsequent round in the magazine will be fired with a single action pull since the slide recoil cocks the hammer after each fired shot.

Is the Walther PPK/S the worst pistol ever?

To quote from that gun review: “The trigger [of the PPK/S] was, and still is, among the worst of any pistol, and it has an annoying tendency to bite the hand that holds it.” While Walther addressed one of the main complaints on the original PPK/S with a much improved trigger, the pistol still has some sharp edges that can make shooting less fun.

How much does the trigger pull on a single action pistol?

Advertised trigger pull for these guns is 13.4 pounds double action and 6.1 pounds single action. My sample did better than that: 12.25 pounds double action and 4.75 single action. The double-action pull was smooth with no stacking, and the single-action pull was crisp.

When was the Walther PPK made?

The Walther PPK was originally built in Germany in 1930. A larger pistol built in 1929 (Walther PP- Police Pistol) was the foundation for the PPK. Walther designed the PPK with undercover police work in mind. They essentially downsized the original Walther PP to make this happen.