Is the UH 80 real?

Is the UH 80 real?

The UH-80 Ghost Hawk is a medium-lift utility helicopter used by both NATO forces and CTRG operatives in ArmA 3.

What can the Huron lift?

The Huron has a maximum weight capacity of 12000 kg and is able to slingload a variety of medium/heavy ground vehicles and equipment. The Huron’s lifting abilities overlap with that of the Blackfish’s vehicle transport variant with regards to most ground vehicles, ranging from the Prowler LSV to Hunter MRAPs.

Are Blackhawks still in use?

The UH-60L Blackhawk represents an upgrade to the original UH-60A Blackhawk, which entered service with the US Army in 1978. Over 600 have been delivered since 2006, and production is expected to continue until the UH-60L line is replaced by new production UH-60M aircraft.

Are Black Hawks silent?

Wreckage of the tail rotor shows, that this helicopter uses smaller blades. Also the tail rotor is shielded by disk. It looks like noise of this helicopter easily blends into any background noise. The helicopter is so silent, that adversaries might not even react, until it is too late.

What helicopters can sling load Arma 3?

CH-67s airlifting Speedboats into battle. Slingloading is a feature that was added in ArmA 3 with the release of the Helicopters DLC. It allows most rotary-wing helicopters to airlift vehicles and cargo via sling ropes attached to the underbelly of their fuselage….Ground vehicles.

Object Name Mass
UGV Stomper RCWS 4266

Why don t Marines use Blackhawks?

The Marines use Amphibious Assault Ships to carry troops into battle. Those aren’t very big compared to a Nimitz or Ford-class CVN, so they need to use the space aboard the ship as effectively as they can. They don’t want the Black Hawk or Apache because they require more room to house than the H-1 birds do.

Can civilians own Blackhawks?

No you cannot own or operate a H-60. They are not FAA certified nor can you get a license to operate one. You can buy a S-70 which is Sikorsky’s civil version of the H-60. There are quite a few differences in the air frames, available engines, avionics and control systems.

Are there stealth helicopters?

Stealth helicopters are helicopters that incorporate stealth technology to decrease an enemy’s detection ability. Attack helicopters, such as the HAL Light Combat Helicopter and Eurocopter Tiger, have incorporated numerous presence reduction technologies into their design to increase their survivability.

What is SLA helicopter?

SLA unmanned helicopters are UAV developed by SLA by integrating COTS airframes with flight control systems indigenously developed by SLA itself. Most of the unmanned helicopters are gasoline-powered.

How do you rappel from a helicopter in ArmA 3?

Get into any helicopter (not as pilot) Once more than 5m off the ground, actions become available to rappel either yourself or your AI units. Once you are rappelling, press the “move backwards” key to descend down the rope. Press the turbo (left shift) key to rappel faster.

How do you pick up a car with a helicopter in ArmA 3?

The majority of helicopters in ArmA 3 are able to slingload cargo underneath them. This is done by attaching ropes onto the object (the process is automatic) while hovering at a recommended safe altitude of between 30-40 metres above the target and then lowering the hook.

What is the uh-80 Ghost Hawk?

The UH-80 Ghost Hawk is a medium-lift utility helicopter used by both NATO forces and CTRG operatives in ArmA 3 . The UH-80 Ghost Hawk is a BLUFOR medium-lift utility helicopter with stealth design. The Ghost Hawk was developed for special operations with a focus on deployment and extraction of troops undetected by enemy radar.

What is the vehicle capacity of the uh-80?

Vehicle capacity: 12 –> 1 driver, 1 copilot, 2 gunners, 8 cargo positions Roles:None Can float: No Vehicle in vehicle transport:Cannot transport. Can be transported. Slingload:Yes, up to 4000 kg Slingloadable:No B_Heli_Transport_01_camo_F UH-80 Ghost Hawk (Camo) BLUFOR NATO Helicopters Protected CMFlareLauncher LMG_Minigun_Transport

What are the assets in ARMA 3?

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