Is the Shepparton tip open during lockdown?

Is the Shepparton tip open during lockdown?

No cash, EFTPOS only. In accordance with Victorian Government directions to stay at home, please only visit if essential.

How many people are in Greater Shepparton?

63,837 people
In the 2016 Census, there were 63,837 people in Greater Shepparton (C) (Local Government Areas). Of these 49.7% were male and 50.3% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 3.4% of the population. The median age of people in Greater Shepparton (C) (Local Government Areas) was 39 years.

Is Shepparton safe?

The vast majority of Shepparton is a safe place to be. It is probably safest not to walk the streets alone at night and just use common sense.

When did Shepparton lockdown start?

Victoria’s Acting Chief Health Officer has declared the City of Greater Shepparton will enter a seven-day lockdown commencing at 11:59 pm tonight, Friday 1 October, with restrictions the same as those in metropolitan Melbourne (excluding the curfew).

What nationalities live in Shepparton?

Demographics of Shepparton According to Australia census, 49.7% of people living in Shepparton are male while 50.3% are female. Average resident’s age is 39. The top responses for country of birth were Australia 76%, India 1.9%, England 1.3%, Italy 1.3%, Afghanistan 1.2% and New Zealand 1.1%.

Is Bendigo or Ballarat bigger?

The five largest make up 61%….Australia’s largest cities, June 2011.

1 Sydney (NSW) 4,627,345
17 Albury – Wodonga (NSW/VIC) 107,086
18 Launceston (TAS) 106,655
19 Ballarat (VIC) 97,810
20 Bendigo (VIC) 92,934

Is Shepparton a bad place to live?

“A Great Place to Live” In my experience Shepparton is a great large country town. It (like most places) does have a few drawbacks but it is far outweighed by the good ones. It is reasonably cheap real estate, good schooling, 2 x Private Schools (not 1), a multitude of shops and shopping centres.

Is Shepparton good place to live?

One of Victoria’s most liveable regional cities Offering an enviable lifestyle, university options, premier housing estates, and all the must have facilities, coupled with a vibrant, diverse culture makes living and working here both desirable and unique.

Is Mildura on lockdown?

Residents of the Rural City of Mildura will remain in lockdown for a further seven days due to the significant and ongoing transmission of COVID-19 in the local community. There are now 188 active cases of COVID-19 in Mildura – up from nine active cases on 8 October.

What is Shepparton postcode?

Shepparton/Zip codes

Why do people live in Shepparton?

Lot of people was moving to Shepparton due to its employment opportunities and it is not very far from Melbourne. On the other hand, consistent birth rate growth keeps the population growing.

What is Shepparton known for?

Shepparton is situated within the rich dairying, fruit growing and agricultural region of the Goulburn Valley, with the area responsible for producing around 25 percent of Victoria’s rural output. Major food companies in the area include SPC Ardmona and Campbells Soups.

Why does Shepparton Council charge waste charges?

Greater City Shepparton Council is committed to providing value for money service to the community and environment. As such, waste charges reflect the cost of disposal and/or processing. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, no cash will be accepted at any Resource Recovery Centre — EFTPOS only.

Where can I dispose of litter in Greater Shepparton?

Public litter bins are located all around Greater Shepparton in parks, gardens and commonly used public areas. There are two types of bins: landfill (including doggie-bag bins) and recycling.

Where is Shepparton Resource Recovery Centre?

Shepparton Resource Recovery Centre is located at 125 Wanganui Road, Shepparton (next to DECA). Please stay in your vehicle until you have reached the bins. Staff will approach you for payment.

Where can I buy second-hand and recycled products in Shepparton?

Greater Shepparton City Council has a variety of second-hand and recycled products for sale at our Resale Shops, which are part of our Resource Recovery Centres. Click below to see what’s on offer – you might also find a bargain or two!