Is The Last Samurai PG?

Is The Last Samurai PG?

The Last Samurai [2003] [R] – 1.10.

Is Last Samurai okay for kids?

Parents need to know that this movie has extreme and graphic violence with many grisy wounds and a lot of blood. Many characters are killed, including some we have come to care about.

What’s The Last Samurai rated?

The Last Samurai/MPAA rating

Why is age of Samurai rated R?

Partly told through dramatic reenactments of historical events, some of which feature sexual content, including simulated sex. Alcohol is occasionally featured as part of the historical reenactments.

Does Netflix have The Last samurai?

Watch The Last Samurai | Netflix.

Why is the 300 rated R?

MPAA explanation: graphic battle sequences throughout, some sexuality and nudity.

Is Netflix age of Samurai accurate?

In interviews, the show is clear in having taken inspiration from these fictional reworkings, specifically from Kurosawa’s films, Game of Thrones, and manga. Thus, each historian is shown in black and white, sitting centred and looking directly into the camera, while dramatic re-enactments occur in desaturated hues.

Is The Last Samurai worth watching?

Though it’s been largely forgotten by pop culture, Edward Zwick’s 2003 film ‘The Last Samurai’ is absolutely worth a revisit. And that’s too bad, because the thoughtful film, which charts the semi-true end of a noble band of Japanese warriors, is at once a visual feast and a kickass action flick.

Is The Last Samurai a true story?

Not many people know the true story of The Last Samurai, the sweeping Tom Cruise epic of 2003. His character, the noble Captain Algren, was actually largely based on a real person: the French officer Jules Brunet. Brunet was sent to Japan to train soldiers on how to use modern weapons and tactics.

What are the reviews for the Last Samurai?

Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 66% of critics have given the film a positive review based on 221 reviews, with an average score of 6.43/10. The site’s consensus states: “With high production values and thrilling battle scenes, The Last Samurai is a satisfying epic”.

Who are the actors in the Last Samurai?

The Last Samurai Story by John Logan Produced by Marshall Herskovitz Edward Zwick Tom Cru Starring Tom Cruise Timothy Spall Ken Watanabe Bi Cinematography John Toll

Why is the Last Samurai so slow?

The Last Samurai follows an American military advisor embracing the Samurai culture he was hired to destroy after he is captured in battle. The story is serviceable at best. Its slow pace is fitting since the protagonist is adsorbing Japan culture.

How much did the Last Samurai make at the box office?

The Last Samurai grossed a total of $456 million at the box office and was well-received upon its release, receiving praise for the acting, writing, directing, score, visuals, costumes, but criticized in Japan for a romanticized “storybook” portrayal of the samurai, who are regarded as more corrupt.