Is the Epiphone Les Paul Standard good?

Is the Epiphone Les Paul Standard good?

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard is a fine guitar. It plays well and has a great sound and at the price is surely unbeatable in terms of value for money. It has become a recognized quality guitar by many and is now widely used, and that is quite understandable.

Do Epiphone guitars increase in value?

No, it won’t actually appreciate in value, but you’ll be able to sell it easily for a fair price. The point of buying an Epiphone is that you get a good guitar, 95% as good as a Gibson, for less than a quarter of the price.

How do I know what model my Epiphone Les Paul is?

Epiphone stamps a serial number on each guitar, which after decryption can tell you where and when it was built. Locate the serial number on the headstock of the guitar. With Semi-Hollow models on the label inside the top f-hole and with acoustic guitars on the label inside the sound hole.

Are Epiphone Les Paul Specials any good?

Compared to the Gibson, the Epiphone lacks some richness and overtone response, likely due to the thinner body design and cheaper pickups. But for a budget guitar, it’s great. Overall, the Epiphone LP Special II sounds fantastic for a budget guitar.

Why are Epiphone Les Pauls so cheap?

Epiphone Les Paul’s are foreign built. This is the main reason behind the price tag difference between the Epiphone LP and the Gibson LP. By not being setup in the United States, Epiphone guitars are comprised of cheaper quality materials and cheaper labor.

Are Epiphone Les Paul Heavy?

Usually, a Les Paul – either from Gibson, Epiphone, or ESP – will weigh in around 9 to 12 lbs. The reason for the discrepancy in weights is that different models use different woods, as well as different weight relief methods and techniques.

Is it worth buying an Epiphone?

When you want to play a guitar with looks similar to an expensive Gibson classic, then Epiphone is perfect for filling that space. Epiphone produces great quality guitars for their low cost, and if you pair them with a good quality amp, they deliver a great sound that rivals more expensive guitars.

Is an Epiphone a real Les Paul?

The Epiphone Les Paul is a solid body guitar line produced by Epiphone as a more modestly priced version of the famous Gibson Les Paul. Epiphone is a subsidiary of Gibson Guitar Corporation and manufactures the Les Paul model and other budget models at a lower cost in Asia.

Are there fake Epiphone Les Pauls?

Fake Epiphone Les Pauls are often Custom or Deluxe models, as the originals tend to command a higher price and this maximizes profits for counterfeiters. As such, they will feature a bound body and headstock. Look carefully at that headstock binding.

What is the difference between Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50s and 60s?

The 50s Standard has Burstbucker 1 and 2 pickups, which use Alnico II magnets. The 60s has Burstbucker 61 R and T which utilise Alnico V magnets, and have a hotter output. The 60s is also a little brighter, with more of a pronounced attack; the 50s on the other hand has a mellower and warmer tone.

What pickups are in Epiphone Les Paul Standard?

The Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO is a version of the Epiphone Les Paul Standard. It has ProBucker-2 and ProBucker-3 pickups with coil-tapping, which distinguishes it from the regular Standard PlusTop. PAF humbuckers were the original humbuckers from 1957.

Who uses Epiphone guitars?

10 Of The Most Influential Epiphone Players

  • Joe Pass.
  • Noel Gallagher (Oasis/Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds)
  • Gary Clark Jr.
  • Nick Valensi (The Strokes)
  • Lee Malia (Bring Me The Horizon)
  • Paul Weller (The Jam/The Style Council/Solo)
  • Tom Delonge (Blink 182/Angels & Airwaves)
  • Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna)

What kind of hardware does an Epiphone Les Paul have?

This Epiphone got these adornments, but not the usual gold-plated hardware (thankfully). Other than the color, the specs are fairly standard for an imported Les Paul. It has a mahogany body with a carved alder top, which is surprising considering that these usually have maple tops.

Is the Epiphone Silverburst Les Paul Custom a good guitar?

Today we are looking at an Epiphone limited edition Silverburst Les Paul Custom guitar that was only sold for a brief time in 2008. The quality of this instrument is impressive, especially when comparing it to the guitars that Gibson is crapping out of its American division.

What is a custom Les Paul?

Les Paul Customs are set apart from the Standard models by more intricate inlays, as well as multi-ply body binding. This Epiphone got these adornments, but not the usual gold-plated hardware (thankfully). Other than the color, the specs are fairly standard for an imported Les Paul.

What’s the difference between a 1989 and a 1990 Epiphone guitar?

The 1989 models were the first to sport a set-neck and a carved top with a cap. Like the previous 1986-1987 LP models, the 1989’s came with the Korean version of the open-book headstock. 1989 was the last year the Epiphone incorporated this headstock onto their guitars, with the exception on the 1990 SQ-180 acoustic guitar.