Is the 2007 Nissan Maxima a good car?

Is the 2007 Nissan Maxima a good car?

This car has been an excellent first car in terms of safety, performance, and reliability. Decent power (255 HP, V6), tight steering, and not too bad on gas. Very comfortable. Premium leather seats, heated seats and heated steering wheel, Bosé premium sound system.

Is Nissan Maxima a good used car?

If you’re planning to buy a new or used car, the Nissan Maxima is a good choice. It’s a reliable four-door sedan that offers both engine power and an impressively smooth ride. Its average maintenance cost is considered above average compared to other sedans. However, its resale value is below average.

What year Nissan Maxima has transmission problems?

The 2004 through 2006 model years for the Nissan Maxima are known to have various transmission problems that have been documented as widespread. The common problems that you will encounter with these transmissions include slipping out of gear, shifting erratically, or failing to get into a forward or reverse gear.

What’s the difference between SE and SL Maxima?

The Nissan Maxima has two popular trim options, the SE and SL. The main difference between the SE and SL is their intended look and feel. The SE is the sporty model that aims to provide a more aggressive look and feel while the SL is the luxury model that focuses more on creature comforts and a more elegant look.

What engine is in a 2007 Nissan Maxima?

3.5 L V6
2007 Nissan Maxima/Engine

What are the problems with Nissan Maxima?

4 Known Nissan Maxima Exhaust & Emissions Problems. Oxygen sensor failures are common due to fluid leaks from the power steering pump. The EGR valve can become clogged with carbon, which causes the Check Engine Light to illuminate. The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to a defective charcoal canister vent control valve.

What type of engine oil does a Nissan Maxima use?

There’s no single one-size-fits-all answer to this question because a lot can depend on the quirks of your particular car. A 10W-30 motor oil is probably preferable in most situations, but a lot depends on the vehicle’s oil consumption.

What are the dimensions of a Nissan Maxima?

The dimension is 192.72 inches long, 56.49 inches high, and 1860 mm wide. Its wheelbase up to 109.252 inches. The Nissan Maxima comes with P245/45R18 tires and stands on 18-inch wheels. The higher trims P245/40R19 tires which 19-inch light-alloy rims.