Is Superman 1 million stronger than Goku?

Is Superman 1 million stronger than Goku?

Of course, Superman Prime 1 Million is absolutely stronger than goku. He’s on a whole other level. Superman Prime is, more or less, a DIETY! You might say that Goku is also a Super Saiyan God.

Can ultra instinct Goku beat Superman Prime One million?

It’s a very tough fight, but goku in ultra instinct would be more powerful than superman in prime, although goku in ultra instinct means “God of God”. So, goku have a better chances of winning, but superman can give a tough fight and although have a chance of winning too.

Is Superman really stronger than Goku?

Given that Goku’s power is stronger than magic, and magic is one of Superman’s weaknesses he has yet to overcome, it is fair to say that Goku is stronger than Superman. Aside from Goku fighting Superman, Goku proved he is stronger in terms of besting a magic user where Superman would not be able to.

Can UI Goku beat Superman?

Superman can’t match up to him in terms of reflexes, speed, and agility, which means Goku might be able to block any attempt of an attack from one of DC’s strongest characters while landing some heavy blows of his own. Add to that his Saiyan pride and chances are, Goku wouldn’t ever give up.

How fast is Superman Prime million?

Based on a Comic Vine post, we know (although we are aware that these are not official numbers) that Superman Prime (DC One Million) traveled at a speed of around 17,000,000,000 (17 billion) miles per hour, which is several times faster than the speed of light.

Can Superman beat Goku in a fight?

Son Goku might be able to beat Superman in a fight. They are pretty close in powers and abilities, but Superman has weaknesses, such as he has to be close to the sun and Kryptonite. Goku on the other hand, as far as we know, doesn’t have any weaknesses and also just gets stronger with every fight.

Is Goku more powerful than Superman in comics?

Goku as he is in the Anime and Manga would never be accepted in comics. Really because he can only win fights by using a miriad of power boosts that come from nowhere at all. And Goku is not more powerful than Superman no matter how much DB fans hold on to the past.

Who would win in a fight Goku or s-Man?

S-man has super human endurance and when exposed to yellow sunlight his suit can turn it into energy and can even heal himself. Goku on the other hand can only last about ten mins in UI but has endurance maybe even better than S-man but would ultimately lead to defeat in 10 mins. (Superman prime wins)

Does Superboy Prime ever clap at Xeno Goku?

Yeah, Xeno Goku gets clapped right alongside CC Goku, canon Goku or any other version of Goku that exists in alternate universes by Superboy Prime. Who would win, Superman Prime 1 Million vs. Goku?

Is it true that Stan Lee confirmed that Goku is more powerful?

For Stan Lee, Goku didn’t even existed. And finally he would never say that Goku was stronger than Superman. More so because he knew that in DB there are absolutely no rules. A Saiyan is the greatest insult to the concept of any comic book character. Is it true that Stan Lee confirmed that Goku is more powerful than Superman?