Is string theory even wrong?

Is string theory even wrong?

The internal problems of the theory are even more serious after another decade of research. These include the complexity, ugliness and lack of explanatory power of models designed to connect string theory with known phenomena, as well as the continuing failure to come up with a consistent formulation of the theory.

Is string theory still active?

And with the realization that those dimensions could be tiny and curled up below the scale at which we could directly observe it, string theory didn’t seem to wacky after all. And today, that string theory also remains, still attempting to explain the strong force — and so much more.

Did Einstein work on string theory?

string theory, in particle physics, a theory that attempts to merge quantum mechanics with Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Why is string theory not accepted?

A2A: Why is the string theory not so accepted in the science community? Because it makes no useful or testable predictions which reduces it from scientific hypothesis to philosophic conjecture, and most working scientists tend to view such things as “thinking off”….

What is happening to the CERN Theory Department?

The CERN Theory Department is now working entirely in remote and our visitor programme is temporarily suspended. In the traditional spirit of CERN-TH we want to share our scientific activities with the worldwide theory community, especially now that we cannot physically host external theorists.

What are the topics covered in the new string theory school?

The school will cover the following topics: Recent advances in Quantum Field Theory, String Cosmology, Swampland vs Landscape Conjectures, Matrix models and c=1 String Theory.

What is the history of string theory?

In the summer of 1968, while a visitor in CERN’s theory division, Gabriele Veneziano wrote a paper titled “Construction of a crossing-symmetric, Regge behaved amplitude for linearly-rising trajectories”. He was trying to explain the strong interaction, but his paper wound up marking the beginning of string theory.

What is the CERN School of high energy physics?

The school is funded by the CERN Theory Department and the Arnold Sommerfeld Center at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich. Like its predecessors, this school is meant primarily for the training of doctoral students and young postdoctoral researchers in recent developments in theoretical high-energy physics and string theory.