Is Springer a reliable source?

Is Springer a reliable source?

Springer Nature is one of the world’s leading global research, educational and professional publishers, home to an array of respected and trusted brands providing quality content through a range of innovative products and services.

Are Springer books good?

It is very good, much better than most titles of the publishers cited. IMO, they don’t sell a lot because 1) they are usually expensive books; 2) their editions have limited copies; 3) they are very academic and math oriented.

How do I download a Springer eBook for free?

Try downloading using SCI HUB .

  1. google SCI HUB.
  2. go to the site .
  3. paste the URL or DOI/PMID ,
  4. click open or press enter.
  5. sometimes it gets downloaded automatically.
  6. and sometimes it ask you to enter captcha .
  7. enter that and enjoy reading your paper.

Is Springer a good book publisher?

Springer Nature is also a leading educational and professional publisher, providing quality content through a range of innovative platforms, products and services. The company numbers around 13,000 staff in over 50 countries.

Is Springer Link peer reviewed?

All research articles, and most other article types, published in Springer journals/proceedings undergo peer review. This usually involves review by at least two independent, expert peer reviewers.

Are Springer and Elsevier the same?

You need to understand that the quality of journals is not bijectively related to the company that publishes it. Elsevier and Springer are publishers, they have a portfolio of journals and are sometimes hired by professional or academic societies to provide publishing services.

How do I download books to my Springer?

As usual, you would go to the springer e-books link, and select your subject of choice. Then, go through the list and select the textbook you like, and download it and repeat the cycle. Till you download all the textbooks on your list.

Is Springer a paid journal?

For the majority of Springer journals, publishing an article is free of charge. If you choose to publish an open access article, there will be an Article Processing Charge (APC) to be paid by the author or their funding institution.

Are Springer books indexed?

Yes, absolutely. Check the web site of Scopus, select the publisher nama as “springer nature”. you can see the list of journals and book series which indexed by scopus. Can you contribute to the discussion?

What are the Springer Nature ebook collections?

Springer Nature’s comprehensive eBook collections deliver complete access to impactful scholarly content spanning all subject areas. All the collections are available on SpringerLink providing instant access to critical research.

What is SpringerLink ebooks?

The world’s most complete collection of eBooks spanning all subject areas – all available on SpringerLink’s user-friendly platform – click to explore more.

What is the Springer imprint?

Springer has one of the strongest STM and HSS eBook collections and archives, as well as a comprehensive range of hybrid and open access journals and books under the SpringerOpen imprint. Springer is part of Springer Nature, a global publisher that serves and supports the research community.

What is the relationship between springerspringer and nature?

Springer is part of Springer Nature, a global publisher that serves and supports the research community.