Is Science Diet really a good dog food?

Is Science Diet really a good dog food?

Hill’s Science Diet is overall good dog food made with quality ingredients. It lacks in animal-based protein and is a mostly plant-based diet, but it is significantly higher in quality than many of the cheapest commercial brands.

What is wrong with Hills Science Diet dog food?

Privately, Hill’s puts a name to their fear: Dietary-induced hypercalcemia and hypervitaminosis D toxicity. As so many other pet food companies before them have done, Hill’s laid the blame for their failures and the excess levels of vitamin D in their Science Diet and Prescription Diet formulas on their supplier.

Is Science Diet Good for small dogs?

Hill’s Science Diet Small & Toy Breed Adult Dog Food provides precisely balanced nutrition to meet your small breed dog’s special needs. It contains high levels of antioxidants to help build a healthy immune system with ideal levels of vital fatty acids to promote healthy skin, coat, ears and eyes.

Is Science Diet dog food made in China?

Science Diet states things a little differently; “Made in our USA Facilities with Natural Ingredients from North America & Europe” (at least disclosing some country of origin information).

Is Hill’s Science Diet worth it?

Hill’s Science Diet Adult is a grain-inclusive dry dog food using a moderate amount of named meat meals as its dominant source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 3.5 stars. Recommended.

Is Science Diet Made in China?

Do vets get kickbacks from Science Diet?

Veterinarians are on the dole from certain pet food manufacturers and get kickbacks for selling their products. This is simply not true. The reality is that pet food sales in general is one of the least profitable things we do.

What is the difference between Science Diet Small paws and small bites?

Hill’s® Science Diet® Small Paws™ Adult 7+ is recommended for Adult dogs 7+ years of age that weigh up to 25 pounds when full grown. The small bites is for younger dogs. This one is formulated for seniors over 7.

What’s wrong with science diet?

What is the Problem? The FDA has become aware of reports of vitamin D toxicity in dogs that ate certain canned dog foods manufactured by Hill’s Pet Nutrition and marketed under the Hill’s Science Diet and Hill’s Prescription Diet brands.

What is Hills Science Diet?

Hill’s Science Diet Adult is a plant-based dry dog food using a modest amount of named meats and meals as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 3 stars.

Is Science Diet a good dog food?

Science Diet is okay for dogs. It certainly isn’t the most nutritious dog food brand. It contains cheap fillers such as wheat, corn, barley, and sorghum which isn’t necessarily good for your dog. A high quality dog food should be almost exclusively meat protein, and would not use grain fillers.

Is Science Diet a good cat food?

Science Diet cat food uses natural preservatives, such as mixed Tocopherols and citric acid, in their formulas. These preservatives are considered safe, unlike the controversial BHA and BHT compounds that many companies use in pet food. Tocopherol (vitamin E) and citric acid are natural antioxidants.

Does Walmart sell Science Diet dog food?

Walmart stores already sell some higher-end dog food such as Nestle SA ‘s Purina ONE and Procter & Gamble Co’s Iams. Some other premium brands, such as Colgate-Palmolive Co’s Hill’s Science Diet, are sold at specialty chains such as PetSmart and Petco or through veterinarians.