Is Okeetee a dominant gene?

Is Okeetee a dominant gene?

Hypo Okeetee Corn Snake These snakes have a recessive trait known as hypomelanosis that makes their colors even more vivid but removes most of the black pigmentation.

What morphs make a lavender corn snake?

While there are a number of naturally occurring base color morphs, the lavender corn snake is a captive-bred morph….The naturally occurring corn snakes, or ‘wildtypes’, are:

  1. Alabama,
  2. Keys (Rosy Ratsnake),
  3. Miami,
  4. Normal (Carolina, Classic, Wild Type),
  5. Okeetee.

What should I breed my Anery corn snake with?

To breed a snow corn snake, you need to successfully mate together an albino, or amelanistic corn snake (or amel) with an anerythristic type A (or anery A).

What is a reverse Okeetee corn snake?

The reverse Okeetee corn snake for sale is also known as an albino Okeetee corn snake. They are named after the location they were first found in combined with the fact that they are albinos. Most albino Okeetee corn snakes have bright red and contrasting white bands.

How much is a lavender Cornsnake?

You can expect to pay between $40 and $80 for your Lavender Corn Snake. This color is fairly popular and easy to create, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a breeder that can get you one.

Can corn snakes self fertilize?

While some snakes lay eggs in a nest, others keep them inside their bodies until they hatch. Either way, female snakes don’t necessarily need a mate to produce eggs. Surprisingly, a single snake who’s never been bred with a male can give birth to viable young which she can fertilize all by herself.

What is a Buf corn snake?

Buf (B) Locus First identified in Europe, Buf is unusual among cornsnake alleles in that it is dominant to normal or wild-type. Thus, specimens with even a single copy of this allele present take on the unique yellowish coloration named Buf, similar in appearance to Caramel.

What is my corn snake’s morph?

Common Corn Snake Morphs Normal Corn Snake. The normal corn snake is the morph which most closely represents the patternation of wild snakes. Blood Red Corn Snake. As the name might suggest, this morph has an overall blood red hue, with darker patches running down their backs. Abbott’s Okeetee Corn Snake. Anerythristic Corn Snake. Hypomelanistic Corn Snake. Albino Corn Snake.

What is an amelanistic corn snake?

Amelanistic Corn Snake. Amelanistic (amel) corn snakes do not have the dark pigment, thus giving them red eyes and leaving bright color combinations of red, orange, yellow and white for the scale colors. They are sometimes referred to as “red albinos .”.

Are corn snakes constrictor?

Corn snakes are constrictors, wrapping themselves around prey to squeeze and subdue it before swallowing it whole. The name corn snake may have originated from the markings on this snake’s belly, which resemble maize, or Indian corn.

How many types of corn snakes are there?

There are more than 220 corn snake morphs, or varieties, each with different colors and patterns. The four original corn snake morphs are normal, albino or amelanistic, snow and anerythristic.