Is Mumbai the most polluted city in India?

Is Mumbai the most polluted city in India?

Delhi Tops the List of World’s Most Polluted Cities; Kolkata, Mumbai Ranked Fourth and Sixth Respectively.

What is pollution level in Mumbai?

Air Pollution Level in Mumbai

Pollutant Avg Max
PM2.5 (µg/m3) 85 112
PM10 (µg/m3) 148 183
NO2 (µg/m3) 50 86
NH3 (µg/m3) 2 5

Is Mumbai the most polluted city in the world?

According to IQAir, a Switzerland-based climate group that is also a technology partner of the United Nations Environmental Program(UNEP) has listed Mumbai and Kolkata are in the top ten most polluted cities of the world. The cities with the worst AQI indices also include Lahore, in Pakistan, and Chengdu, in China.

Why is pollution so high in Mumbai?

In Mumbai, traffic emissions, construction operations, paved and unpaved road dust, landfills, open rubbish burning, and industrial emissions are among the major sources of pollution.

Which part of Mumbai is most polluted?

South Mumbai’s Mazagaon and Colaba were the most polluted locations with AQIs of 358 and 346 respectively, in the ‘very poor’ category, according to System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR).

Is air quality in Mumbai bad?

Mumbai AIR POLLUTION Mumbai has the highest concentration of PM10 among the 24 major cities of peninsular India. The particulate concentration rose exponentially over the last few years which has made it the most polluted city out of the three prominent coastal cities (the others are Kolkata and Chennai).

Which is the dirtiest city in India?

List of Polluted Cities in India

SN City Year
1 Delhi 2010
2 Patna 2011
3 Gwalior 2012

Which area has best air quality in Mumbai?

Where is the cleanest air quality in Mumbai?

  • Worli – SAFAR78.
  • Worli, Mumbai – MPCB81.
  • Khindipada-Bhandup West, Mumbai – IITM82.
  • Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai – IITM124.
  • Chembur – SAFAR124.
  • Vile Parle West, Mumbai – MPCB163.
  • US Consulate in Mumbai289.
  • Kurla, Mumbai – MPCB344.

Why Does Mumbai have unhealthy air quality?

While emissions from industries and power plants remained the major cause at 35.82%, biofuel emissions came a close second. Poverty creates conditions conducive to pollution and the report confirmed that biofuel burnt in Mumbai’s slums for household purposes was contributing 27.05% to the pollution.

What is the rank of Maharashtra in air pollution?

Real-time Maharashtra Most polluted city ranking

# city US AQI
1 Airoli 159
2 Khadki 151
3 Uran 151
4 Pimpri 149