Is Mitsubishi Attrage a good car?

Is Mitsubishi Attrage a good car?

All in all, Mitsubishi Attrage is a solid choice for a city car, but not a particularly good one if you’re planning to take longer trips or bigger hauls. Its key selling points are great manoeuvrability, lightness and low fuel consumption, combined with enough amenities for carefree city driving.

What is Mitsubishi Attrage?

Basically a Mitsubishi Mirage with a trunk, the Attrage was an affordable small 4-door sedan. A new played in the B-segment market, the Attrage was the first eco-sedan from Mitsubishi. Powered by the same 1.2-liter 3-cylinder MIVEC engine that was mounted on the Mirage, the Attrage had 79 hp.

Is Mirage same as Attrage?

Mitsubishi Attrage vs Mitsubishi Mirage Comparison Mitsubishi Attrage is priced between AED 41,900 while Mitsubishi Mirage is priced between AED 36,900 . Talking about the technical specifications, Mitsubishi Attrage GLX Mid houses 1193 cc engine whereas Mitsubishi Mirage GLX Mid engine displacement is 1193 cc.

Is Mitsubishi Mirage a good car?

Highs Long warranty coverage, very efficient on fuel, more cargo space than meets the eye. Lows Painfully poky acceleration, low-quality interior materials, buzzy-sounding three-cylinder. Verdict It’s affordable and fuel-efficient, but the Mirage lacks the finesse of subcompact rivals.

Is Mitsubishi Attrage good for long drive?

With functional designs and soft cushiony material, the car seats provide advanced comfort to the passengers for a comfortable long drive. The brand-new Mitsubishi Attrage 2022 model brings in a range of advanced safety features….Mitsubishi Attrage 2022.

Car Features
5 Seater Yes
7 Seater No

What does the word Attrage mean?

The name Attrage originated with the Anglo-Saxon tribes that once ruled Britain. Literally the name means “noble ruler.”

How do you start an Attrage?

Just carry the keyless operation key in your bag or pocket, and press the outer button on the driver’s door or trunk to open or lock it. You can also press the engine switch to start or stop the engine.

How much is a mirage G4?

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 price in Philippines starts at ₱769,000 for base variant GLX MT and goes upto ₱899,000 for top variant GLS CVT.

Are Nissan notes good cars?

The Note is a practical car that doesn’t really win you over with its design or driving experience. The new Nissan Note isn’t difficult to recommend. It’s spacious, drives well and offers good value for money, improving on its predecessor in every department.

What’s new with the Mitsubishi Attrage?

The new-generation Mitsubishi Attrage has arrived. This compact sedan now incorporates the iconic Dynamic Shield design, giving it a sportier new look.

Is the Mitsubishi Mirage still in production?

By 2003, the Mirage and its derivatives had been completely phased out of mainstream Japanese production. For the 2002-era Colt’s replacement in 2012, Mitsubishi decided to resurrect the Mirage name internationally for a new sixth generation model.

What is the engine capacity of the Mitsubishi Attrage?

The Attrage is sold in few Western European markets such as Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. The engine is available as a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine that produces 59 kW (80 hp). A continuously variable transmission is available as an option.

Where is the Mitsubishi Mirage A00 made?

The model code is A00, although in Australia it is referred to as the LA. The Mirage is built at Mitsubishi Thailand’s Laem Chabang plant, facility number three since 19 April 2012. The car is mainly developed as a response to the Eco Car policy endorsed by the Thailand government.