Is Liberty appropriate for children?

Is Liberty appropriate for children?

Because the show strives to adhere to historical fact, many storylines include violence and death (and in at least one case, execution), so it’s not appropriate for little kids, but it’s an enjoyable series that offers tweens an impressive amount of substance.

What order do I watch the Liberty kids?

The following are the Liberty’s Kids episodes, with links to relevant historical articles.

  1. The Boston Tea Party.
  2. The Intolerable Acts.
  3. United We Stand.
  4. Liberty or Death.
  5. Midnight Ride.
  6. The Shot Heard Round the World.
  7. Green Mountain Boys.
  8. The Second Continental Congress.

Who told the colonists the British were coming in Liberty kids?

Paul Revere
On an errand to Boston to deliver a message to Patriot leader Joseph Warren, Sarah and James end up riding with Paul Revere and William Dawes on their midnight ride to warn the colonists of the approach of the British army.

What’s the last episode of Liberty’s Kids?

We the People
Liberty’s Kids/Final episode

When did Liberty’s Kids end?

April 4, 2003
Liberty’s Kids/Final episode date

Liberty’s Kids (stylized on-screen as Liberty’s Kids: Est. 1776) is an American animated historical fiction television series produced by DIC Entertainment, originally broadcast on PBS Kids from September 2, 2002, to April 4, 2003, with reruns airing on most PBS stations until October 8, 2004.

Was Paul Revere a real person?

Paul Revere is best known as the Boston silversmith immortalized in the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem describing the Patriot’s midnight ride to warn about a British attack.

Is Sarah Phillips a real person?

Sarah Phillips is a proper British girl who is Franklin’s guest, and James Hiller is an apprentice journalist at the print shop. Playing the part of Franklin led Cronkite to do further reading, he said, because it reminded him of history he had forgotten or not known.

What is the theme of the poem Paul Revere’s ride?

Paul Revere’s Ride Themes. Buy Study Guide. Longfellow is evoking a specific historical memory in this poem: Paul Revere and the Revolutionary War. He does this because the lessons of history can be applied to the contemporary context and be useful in understanding the present, as well as giving counsel and caution for the future.

Did Paul Revere ever finish his Midnight Ride?

Did Revere finish his midnight ride? It is well known that Paul Revere was captured on the road outside of Lexington, and never arrived in Concord. It is also well known that a third man in Revere’s party, Dr. Samuel Prescott., who joined Revere and Dawes outside of Lexington, did alarm the militia in Concord, where he lived.

What did Paul Revere say on his ride to Lexington?

Upon reaching the Charlestown shore, Revere mounted and began his ride to Lexington. Passing through the towns of Somerville, Medford, and Menotomy (Arlington), Revere did not yell “the British are coming!”, instead accounts show that Revere passed the message of “the Regulars are coming out.”

Why did Paul Revere join the sons of Liberty?

Because of Revere’s trade, including his new dentistry business, and his social standing, he was one of the most well-connected people in Boston, closely associated with many of the personalities that would begin to agitate against Britain. In 1765, Revere joined the Sons of Liberty.