Is LaRue Tactical good?

Is LaRue Tactical good?

LaRue Tactical is a very good company to work for. Anybody can always find fault with the company they work for, but my overall review of LaRue is very positive.

What does LaRue OBR stand for?

Optimized Battle Rifle
View Individual State Variances. The LaRue OBR (Optimized Battle Rifle) was built from the ground up, using a newly designed upper-receiver platform, combined with a lower, inspired from our successful 5.56 MM lower.

Who is Mark LaRue?

Mark LaRue – Deputy Director – Planning – County of San Luis Obispo | LinkedIn.

What is an OBR gun?

The LaRue Tactical OBR (Optimized Battle Rifle) is an AR-10 type rifle. It was originally released as the OSR (Optimized Sniper Rifle) until LaRue were forced to change it due to a copyright conflict. It has an overall length of 37.5″ with a standard barrel length of 16.1″ (18″ & 20″ also available).

What is an OBR?

Definition. OBR. Office for Budget Responsibility (UK) OBR. Open Business Report.

Is LaRue Tactical mil spec?

LaRue Tactical RAT™ Stock The internals provide positive lockup on Mil-Spec receiver extension positions. The internal cavity is designed for a snug fit without the need for an additional locking mechanism. Ambidextrous 1/4” swivel sockets, and 1” slots provide ideal anchor points for two-point slings.

Does LaRue Tactical offer a military discount?

For 2013 – We are suspending our L/E – Military discounts. Through the years we have extended a savings to our military and Law Enforcement customers that we are quite proud of … a very large dollar number when totaled. …

Does the military use LaRue?

After determining that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, LaRue Tactical has decided to opt out of the US Army’s US Army’s Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System (CSASS) program which, as currently structured could resu in a replacement for the current M110 gas operated sniper rifle.

Where are LaRue Tactical made?

Leander, TX. Filling the need for a portable, yet highly-durable steel target, LaRue created this lightweight system that fits in a trunk and sets-up in muntes vitually anywhere. The unique design sheilds all the bolts and assembly points from damage.

What is the meaning of OVR?


Acronym Definition
OVR Program Overlay (File Name Extension)
OVR Office of Victims’ Rights (Alaska)
OVR Occurrence/Variance Report (various hospitals)
OVR Output Voltage Ripple

What is the LaRue tactical guarantee?

Our strong point is our guarantee – “If you ain’t happy, then we ain’t happy”. This “Lifetime” guarantee means as long as I’m alive you can return any defective LaRue Tactical manufactured part for a full refund or exchange.

Why buy the LaRue Tranquilo?

Buy with confidence. The LaRue TranQuilo was designed and engineered for the LaRue 7.62×51 family of rifles, but it’s right at-home on any precision .308 with a 5/8-24 threaded muzzle (1/2-28 threaded adapters also available).

Why choose LaRue suppressors?

Accuracy is what LaRue is about, and we do it right the first time. To ensure the suppressor remains locked when attached, a captive locking-ring securely grips the suppressor to the adapter. Along the tube, knurled bands provide structural robustness as well as added grip for installation and removal.

What barrels does LaRue use?

Stealth barrels are chambered in . 223 wylde, 1-in-8 twist rifling in medium-weight contour. Barrels arrive with a LaRue Precision Barrel Extension installed, Threaded muzzle (1/2×28), precision gas hole, and gas block divots at the 6 o’clock position. All barrels are available with either Standard A3 or M4 Feed Ramps.

Are Larue barrels stainless?

The barrels are LW-50 stainless steel, lightweight-profiled, Wylde chambered and feature polygonal rifling in a 1/8 twist rate.

What is a stealth upper?

Stealth Receiver – The heart of an accurate rifle is the barrel, but it still needs a strong backbone. The Stealth upper was designed to retain the overall ‘look’ of a standard receiver; and reveal its origin only upon close inspection to a trained eye.

Are LaRue uppers accurate?

It’s widely-recognized that we’re crafting the most accurate rifles on the planet. But if you’ve got any other type of AR-15, you can buy and drop this LaRue upper on your any-brand AR-15 lower, toss on a magnified scope, use match ammo or your own handloads, and easily shoot under 1-inch groups at 100 yards.

Where is LaRue Tactical?

Leander, Texas
About LaRue Tactical Located in Leander, Texas, “LaRue” is synonymous world-wide with auto-resetting sniper targets and quick-detachable mounting systems for every weapon-mounted optic, laser and night-vision device used by our Nation’s Warfighters.

Does LaRue Tactical have a store?

We do not have a storefront this is for mailing purposes only. Sorry, we do not accept checks, personal or cashier, for payment of orders.

What is the most accurate AR 15 Upper?

If you’re looking to trust your rifle with your life, we recommend these proven brands.

  • Bravo Company (BCM)
  • Colt.
  • Daniel Defense (DD)
  • Larue.
  • Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT)
  • LWRC.
  • Noveske.
  • Yankee Hill Machine.

How much does the LaRue tactical predatar weigh?

The 5.56mm LaRue Tactical PredatAR rifle I’ve been using tips the scales at just 6.25 pounds empty—2 pounds lighter than most rifles built on the Stoner design. Lighter weight means markedly improved carrying and far better handling capabilities than heavier AR-15s offer.

How accurate is LaRue accuracy?

LaRue accuracy is known world-wide. The accuracy of each LaRue Rifle is proven at our 100-yard tunnel using match-grade ammunition. No LaRue firearm can leave the facility unless it obtains accuracy of less-than 1 MOA (1.047”) at 100 Yards.

What makes the LaRue predatar the best AR-15?

The LaRue PredatAR offers all the punch and accuracy of other AR-15s, but in a lightweight package with plenty of top-notch upgrades. Shown with a Pentax Gameseeker HS-20 red dot. The 14.75-inch forend surrounding the PredatAR’s barrel features close-mounted, removable blocks that provide a comfortable hold.

Is LaRue predatar a registered trademark?

PredatAR is a registered trademark. 16 Inch LaRue Tactical PredatAR 5.56. The PredatAR 5.56 is designed for those who are searching for a lightweight, ultra-reliable and accurate 5.56 mm NATO rifle for home-defense, competition-shooting or hunting.