Is KV 220 good?

Is KV 220 good?

The KV-220 has a power-to-weight ratio of 13.6. But surprisingly the mobility of this tank is quite good despite the 62.7 tons of weight. The diesel engine has greater torque at lower RPM than similar gasoline engines, providing KV-220 great acceleration and higher cruise speed but lower top speed.

How much damage does the KV-2 do?


Ammo 53-G-530 53-OF-530
Average Damage 640 HP 960 HP
Devices/Crew Damage 203 HP 203 HP
Velocity 525 m/s 525 m/s
Penetration Loss Over Distance 40.00% N/A

How effective is KV-2?

The KV-2 had destroyed about two-dozen tanks by the end of the engagement. Although this was a great achievement, the KV-2 was not a practical weapon that could not be used very effectively. The speed and poor traverse of KV-2 made it unsuitable for spearheading attacks in a way that the T-34 could.

Was the kv1 a good tank?

However, the KV-1 wasn’t destined to become the best tank of World War II. While perfectly-armored, it was completely technically unreliable. A raw, unfinished design, poor quality of the transmission and shoddy air filter often meant that some tanks didn’t even reach the battlefield and would keep stalling.

When did the kv220 heavy tank come out?

Development of KV-220 on the basis of the KV heavy tank started in the summer of 1940. A prototype was built on December 5. Unlike other KV modifications, the tank featured an elongated hull, additional support roller, enhanced armor (100 mm), and a new turret with the 85 mm F-30 gun. In the fall of 1941, production of the KV-1 was discontinued.

How good is the German kv-220-2?

The KV-220-2 is a tough nut to crack, thanks to superb hull armor that can deflect shells — especially when properly angled. For long-range, the 76 mm gun and overall speed leave something to be desired, however, but this tank excels at mid- to close-quarters combat.

What is the difference between a kv-220 and a normal kV?

The KV-220 externally differed from ordinary KVs by the greater length of the hull, an increase of one support roller in the track, and a new turret with the 85 mm F-30 Main Gun. The weapon was specially designed for arming this tank in the design bureau of Plant No. 92, under the supervision of Grabin.

What is the difference between the kv-220 and T-150?

The KV-220 (otherwise known as KV-220-2, T-220, Object 220, or just 220 in factory documents) was proposed in 1940, as a replacement for the KV-1 that was already considered inadequate by the Red Army. The T-150 was ordered in the same document.