Is Jia Jia a robot?

Is Jia Jia a robot?

Christened Jia Jia, the humanoid robot can recognise facial expressions of others and respond with micro-expressions. The humanoid is designed to recognise human – machine interaction and has autonomous navigation facility.

Who invented Jia Jia?

leader Chen Xiaoping
Creator with his creation Team leader Chen Xiaoping sounded like a proud father as he and his prototype appeared recently at an economic conference organised by banking giant UBS in Shanghai’s futuristic financial centre.

Who is Aiko chihira?

Android Robot “Aiko Chihira” takes over as Receptionist of Tokyo Store – YouTube A life-like android robot marked her first day at work as a receptionist at a major department store in Tokyo on Monday, greeting customers as they walked in…

Who is Lady Aiko?

Lady Aiko (also AIKO, born Aiko Nakagawa in 1975) is a Japanese street artist based in Brooklyn, New York. In the contemporary art world AIKO is among the most important female street artists from this millennium. In a largely male-dominated form of art, AIKO is becoming an influential figure in contemporary street art.

What is Aiko famous for?

In a largely male-dominated medium, Aiko is an influential figure in contemporary street art. She is known for her ability to combine western art movements and eastern technical, artistic skills, as well as for her large-scale works installed in cities including Rome, Italy, Shanghai, China and Brooklyn, New York.

How old is Aiko Nakagawa?

Aiko Nakagawa was born in 1975 and raised in the central area of Tokyo. She attended an all-girl high school. While she was in college in Tokyo, she created a pirate television station that broadcast her own music videos and short films.