Is it safe to share UAN number?

Is it safe to share UAN number?

The PF organisation has even warned PF subscribers to not share their UAN (Universal Account Number) with anyone over the phone. “EPFO never asks you to share your personal details like Aadhaar, PAN card, UAN or bank details over phone. EPFO never calls any member or subscriber to deposit any amount in any bank.

What is the UAN verification?

UAN stands for Universal Account Number to be allotted by EPFO. The idea is to link multiple Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) allotted to a single member under single Universal Account Number. This will help the member to view details of all the Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) linked to it.

How many days will it take to login to EPF after activating a UAN number?

This will activate your UAN and the password will be sent to your mobile number. You will still need to wait for six hours before you can log in to the EPFO portal to check PF balance. Six hours after activating UAN, you can check PF balance.

How can I activate and login to EPF using UAN?

UAN Activation Process in Detail

  1. Visit EPFO Member Portal and click on “Activate UAN”.
  2. Enter your UAN/member ID along with your Aadhaar number, name, DOB, mobile number, captcha code and click on the “Get Authorization PIN“.
  3. An authorization PIN will be sent to the mobile number registered with EPFO.

Can anyone misuse my UAN number?

EPFO is warning members via its website and social media handles regarding fake phone calls and is also advising them not to share personal details like PAN, Aadhaar, bank account or EPF account details like Universal Account Number (UAN). EPFO never calls any member/subscriber to deposit any amount in any bank.

Is UAN used for background verification?

Simple answer is NO. A job applicant’s BGV won’t be failed just coz his UAN service records are contradicting with the service records he showed on his CV. As mentioned before, UAN is obtained to link with PF account and not to cross verify the service history.

What happens if UAN is not activated?

If you don’t activate your UAN number then you need to depend on your employer or PF office for every small PF related works. Every employee who is contributing to EPF will have a UAN number and PF account number. If you don’t know your UAN number then you can find it with your PF‌ account number at UAN member portal.

How do I know my UAN is active?

How to check your UAN status from EPFO website?

  1. select the option Our Services.
  2. Click on For Employees from the drop-down list.
  3. Now select Member UAN online services.
  4. You can enter your PF number, Aadhar, PAN or Member ID.
  5. Fill in your details like name, date of birth, mobile number, and captcha code.

Why is UAN not active?

How do you know if my UAN is activated?

How To Check Universal Account Number or UAN Status Of EPF

  1. Step #1- Visit The Portal Of Universal Account Number.
  2. Step #2 – Go To The UAN Status Check Page.
  3. Step #3 – Give Your PF Details.
  4. Step #4 – Get The Status Of Universal Account Number Of PF.

How can I check UAN activation status?

How long does it take to activate UAN?

Link Aadhaar with UAN – online On entering the correct OTP, you will be asked to enter your Aadhaar number and specify your gender. Choose the OTP verification after this step to successfully generate and verify your Aadhaar. Once done click ‘Submit’. Your Aadhaar will be linked to your UAN within 15 days.

How to activate UAN without activation?

Without activation, you cannot avail any online facility provided by EPFO. You have to follow the steps mentioned below for UAN registration/activation: Visit EPF Member Portal and click on “Activate UAN” Select from any one of the following – UAN, Member ID, Aadhaar or PAN

How to link PF account with Uan of employee?

Click on the “Register Individual” tab in the “Member” section. Enter the employee’s details such as PAN, Aadhaar, bank details, etc. Approve all details in the “Approval” section. A new UAN is generated by EPFO and the employer can link the PF account with UAN of the employee.

Can Uan registration be done only online?

So, UAN registration is done only online. 2) Can contractual employees register their UAN and avail online facilities? An organisation with 20 or more employees has to generate UAN for its employees (with a salary of ₹ 15,000/- and above). Both contractual, as well as full-time employees, can avail UAN facilities online after activation.

What is a UAN number?

It is issued by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. A member can have only one UAN during his service period where all EPF accounts are linked with his UAN. When an employee changes his job, his EPF account number and member ID changes but UAN remains the same.