Is Guild Wars 2 region locked?

Is Guild Wars 2 region locked?

To expand on this, a Guild Wars 2 account is not bound to any region. As an inhabitant of the EU, I can play on both EU or NA servers without changing anything in my account.

What language is Guild Wars 2 programmed in?

like most games, it’s probably coded in c/c++, the latter being the most common and therefore most likely.

How do I change my Arenanet region?

You can move regions simply by transfering servers which normally costs gems. By transfering to a server with Medium population, it only costs 500 gems. That’s about 150 gold, so you don’t have to spend actual money!

Can you play Guild Wars 2 in Korea?

The South Korean version was cancelled because they couldn’t animate Gangham Style in Sync with Char or Sylvari and no one took the Elder Northern Whacko Dragon seriously.

How do I change my region in Guild Wars 2?

To transfer to a different world, go to the character selection screen (using F12 or when you first log in) and select the desired world; you will be logged out while the game makes these changes, which might take 5-30 minutes.

Is Guild Wars 2 Cross region?

This is primarily an internal designation, and does not limit or change the way you interact with the game itself: North American and European players will still be able to play and switch between servers in either region, and Chinese players will be able to choose between any servers in the Chinese region.

Is Guild Wars 2 available in Egypt?

What is the regional designation for my country?

Country Code
Dominican Republic DO
Ecuador EC
Egypt EG
El Salvador SV

What languages can I play Guild Wars 2 in?

You can choose and swap freely between any of our supported languages: English, French, German, and Spanish. When you install Guild Wars 2, the game client defaults to your operating system language, or to English if your language isn’t supported.

Is there a Tyrian language in GW2?

The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Language . There are various languages throughout the world of Tyria, with at least three commonly found languages during the time of Guild Wars 2 . The Tyrian language, often referred to as the “common tongue,” is spoken in various different dialects by the majority of all sentient races throughout Tyria.

Where can I find more information about Guild Wars 2 China?

More information about Guild Wars 2 China can be found on the official site. Other: Players in countries not listed above will connect to the North American datacenter by default. A more granular breakdown of countries and their designations can be found below. How do I register from my region?

What are the different regions in Guild Wars 2?

Europe: Defined as Western and Eastern Europe. Players in this region connect to the European datacenter. North America: Defined as Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Players in this region connect to the North American datacenter. China: All areas of China connect to the China datacenter, which hosts its own Guild Wars 2 servers.