Is flat nose ammo better than round nose?

Is flat nose ammo better than round nose?

Flat point FMJ are better than Round Nose FMJ. The Flat Point was developed to make an FMJ work better, for those that had to carry FMJ (military). The round nosed bullets will work better with a speedloader.

Why are some bullets pointy?

The pointy ones are usually full metal jackets meant to keep going after it is discharged, round ones like ball ammo is used to target shoot at a range or 9mm and larger to enter a body and expand. A pointy (spitzer) type of bullet reduces the resistance of the bullet to the air. The bullet travels faster for longer.

Is flat nose ammo good?

The flat nose makes it easier to see exactly where your bullet penetrated a paper target, which makes for much easier scoring, as the hole is cleaner with less radial tearing.

Can you shoot lead round nose at range?

Lead Round Nose bullets are generally considered an economical option for range training purposes. LRN ammo will expand to some degree on impact with a fairly solid target, making it a somewhat viable option for self defense, although it underperforms compared to the many hollow point options currently on the market.

What is a Spitzer round?

The spitzer bullet, also commonly referred to as a spire point bullet, is primarily a small arms ballistics development of the late 19th and early 20th century, driven by military desire for aerodynamic bullet designs that will give a higher degree of accuracy and kinetic efficiency, especially at extended ranges.

Why are bullets not pointy?

The most aerodynamic shape isn’t the pointed shape of an arrow or a knife. Instead, it’s more of a U shape. This is why even the fastest and highest-piercing bullets don’t have needle-sharp tips. The rounded shape lets them avoid air resistance so they can travel without losing too much velocity.

Are flat nose bullets more effective than round nose?

I only found 2 tests that compared flat nose and round nose. One is by Rathcoombe (using other peoples data) and he shows flat nose bullets penetrating slightly less than conventional round nose BUT bullets all penetrating about 30-40 inches (agreeing with Charlie Haley’s results more or less).

Is there a test for round nose FMJ vs round nose monoliths?

So far I have found Charlie Haley’s tests of round nose fmj vs round nose monolithics. He give almost identical results in a very scientific test for both types of bullets but unfortunately the only flat nose has small meplat. His results are essentially all the bullets have the same penetration if they have the same impact energy.

Why do some bullets have a short nose projection?

Some bullets designed to work through lever actin riflers require a SHORT NOSE PROJECTION in front of the bands so that they can be loaded deep enough to work through the actions of these guns… Nose Projection of these same bullets for bolt guns, single shots, and double rifles are longer, from .600 to .700 in front of the top band.

What is the difference between Nosenose and longnose projection?

Nose Projection of these same bullets for bolt guns, single shots, and double rifles are longer, from .600 to .700 in front of the top band. The LONGER NOSE PROJECTION solids will penetrate on average 25% deeper than the shorter nose projection.