Is Farkas or Vilkas better to marry?

Is Farkas or Vilkas better to marry?

TL;DR As potential husbands, Farkas is great to leave at home, while Vilkas is probably better to make your follower. But it all comes down to personal preference. I’ve always preferred farkas for my hand in marriage.

Is Farkas stronger than Vilkas?

Farkas is stronger, Vilkas is smarter, if we are to believe Farkas’ line, “Skjor says I have the strength of Ysgramor, and my brother has his smarts.” and Vilkas’ line, “Come to me with questions.

What quest did Vilkas give me?

After the Companions’ main questline is completed, Vilkas will eventually give the quest “Purity.” In this quest, he will ask the Dragonborn to cure him of beast blood.

Where does Farkas go after you marry him?

Farkas were married in a small ceremony in the Temple of Mara and immediately moved into the Manor. It was a wonderful place with a great hall, an admirable trophy room and a library with more books than he could read.

Is Farkas a good companion?

No matter which companion you choose though, it’s most important to go for a follower who you actually want to spend time with. Farkas and Vilkas are great, but if you’re not into their personalities, you’re missing out on what bringing a companion around Skyrim with you is all about in the first place.

What race is Farkas?

Race Nord
Gender Male
Level 1x player level (8-50)
Location Whiterun

Are Farkas and vilkas essential?

Farkas and Vilkas are unique in that the essential status of one can change based on the death of the other.

Is Farkas marriageable?

Farkas is also eligible for marriage after completion of the Companions’ questline if an Amulet of Mara is worn when talking to him: “An Amulet of Mara.

Where did Farkas go?

Glory of the Dead. After Kodlak’s funeral, Farkas accompanies the remaining members of the Circle to The Underforge. The decision is made for the Circle to travel to Ysgramor’s Tomb and cure Kodlak’s spirit of lycanthropy so Kodlak may ascend to Sovngarde.