Is Etnies a good brand?

Is Etnies a good brand?

Etnies has always focused on quality and design, quickly making their shoes popular worldwide. Etnies are also our favorite shoes, both as skate shoes, but also as shoes in other contexts. Therefore, pretty much all of their shoes are superior when it comes to durability, comfort, but also when it comes to price.

Are Etnies still around?

Etnies (stylized as etnies) is a footwear brand based in Lake Forest, California, United States, and is owned by Sole Technology, Inc….Etnies.

Type Subsidiary
Founded 1986
Headquarters Lake Forest, California, U.S.
Key people Pierre André Sénizergues
Products Shoes, apparel

Do Etnies run big or small?

They are by far the best skate shoes we’ve found. Etnies Marana (cupsole models) Run half a size small, go up 0.5 size.

Are Etnies shoes made in China?

Since most “ everything “ is made in China, it is hard for US sizing! Wish there were more “ Made In USA “products but would probably cost a small fortune to purchase!

Who sponsors Etnies?

The skateboarders behind etnies were joined by legends to create the Rap, Sal 23, and pro shoes for Arto, Sheckler, Elissa, Dill, Nathan Williams and more. Through the years, etnies has continued to support the skateboard, snowboard, BMX and MTB communities.

Who founded Etnies?

Pierre André Senizergues

The company was first formed in 1986. It was founded by Pierre André Sénizergues following the end of his career as a professional skater, Etnies are an original skater owned and operated business.

Are Etnies Marana true to size?

Sizing. The Etnies Marana fits true to size.

How wide are Etnies shoes?

Width E: is considered wide but still not an issue when looking for skate shoes, you won’t fit all of them but it’s doable. E is between 3.2 inches and 5.2 inches when measured across the ball of your foot.

Are Etnies Made in USA?