Is Draggin Jeans going out of business?

Is Draggin Jeans going out of business?

After a hard few years we’ve decided to close our doors! Everything is on sale.

What are Draggin jeans?

The Brand. Draggin Jeans are engineered by innovation, tested by science and proven on the road. Draggins are infused with authentic motorcycle passion, from riders, for riders — designed for the freedom of the ride.

What are Draggin jeans made of?

Draggin K-Legs are a full DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre knit women’s motorcycle leggings with an extra reinforcement of double DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre around the knees and bottom area. These women’s moto leggings can be worn as either a base layer under existing pants or on their own as motorcycle tights….

Where are Draggin jeans made?

To this day Draggin is a family owned and run business, manufacturing in America, with American made materials. To hear more from riders who’ve experienced the benefits of our products, check out the reviews on our product pages or read some of our customer testimonials here.

What does draggin mean?

draggin’ (DRAG-in) v. 1. Showing off or making a positive impression on people. adj.

Are Draggin jeans worth it?

The Draggin Twista jeans did an excellent job of saving my skin. The CE-approved jeans are said to be able to withstand and protect your bacon for 7.46 seconds (or 75m) of road abrasion resistance – a claim I can certainly confirm.

What does I’m dragging mean?

I want to say that “I’m dragging today.” This expression means that you are moving slowly due to a lack of sleep/rest.

Is draggin still the world’s best motorcycle jeans?

COMING SOON… When we first built protective motorcycle jeans, we threw away the book on traditional gear and started a revolution. It was radically new and only achievable with our knowledge and expertise in denim manufacturing. 20 years on, Draggin is still the World’s best.

What is dragdraggin’s denim?

Draggin has also been working on a single-layer denim, but says they are not yet happy with the results. Instead, their jeans have patches of kevlar protection in the most vulnerable areas.

What is draggin Kevlar jeans?

Draggin engineered the first protective motorcycle jeans – The Draggin Kevlar Jeans, which uses Kevlar, a special reinforcing agent of immense strength, on the entire rear end and knee area. They are the most technically advanced motorcycle clothing jeans on the planet.

Is a Draggin jeans dealing with Saint?

A Draggin Jeans spokesman contacted us a coupe of weeks ago saying they would issue a press release debunking protection claims by Saint. The promised release was delayed several times, but eventually has arrived as this magazine advertising campaign which doesn’t name Saint at all.