Is Dodge Durango Citadel a good car?

Is Dodge Durango Citadel a good car?

The 2022 Dodge Durango is a great choice for some shoppers and an iffy choice for others. That said, the Durango isn’t very maneuverable in tight areas, and its fuel economy is mediocre at best. It also has fewer standard safety features than you’ll find in most modern SUVs.

What is Dodge Durango Citadel?

Durango Citadel – Starting at $42,995 MSRP Includes GT Plus features, plus: 5.7L V8 HEMIĀ® engine optional. Anti-lock 4-wheel heavy-duty disc brakes. 6-passenger seating. Leather-trimmed bucket seats.

Does the Durango Citadel have a Hemi?

For those who are looking for more power, the optional 5.7-liter HEMI V8 doesn’t disappoint. The HEMI produces a best-in-class 360 horsepower and 390 lb. -ft. Durango Citadel models with the HEMI V8 are capable of towing 7,400 lbs.

How many miles will a Dodge Durango last?

How Long with a Dodge Durango Last? The Dodge Durango lasts about 250,000 miles, which is about 16 years before it breaks down and requires expensive repairs. There are also instances where the Durango has lasted up to 400,000 miles.

What is the difference between a Dodge Durango and a Dodge Citadel?

What is the difference? You’ll find the Durango Citadel to be a bit more luxurious than the Durango GT. Unlike the GT trim, the leather-lined Citadel trim comes with heated front and second-row seats. Second-row captain’s chairs replace the GT trim’s second-row bench seat.

What’s the difference between a Durango RT and Citadel?

What is the difference? Close in price to the V-8 Citadel, the R/T is the more sport-oriented Durango model. It comes standard with the V-8 engine, and both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive are available as usual.

How many miles will a Durango last?

Do Dodge Durangos have lots of problems?

Overall the Dodge Durango is known to have a lot of problems that have been prevalent throughout the generations. The most commonly reported problem with the Durango is that the exhaust manifold bolts will crack on the 5.7L V8 version.