Is Concordia easy to get into?

Is Concordia easy to get into?

Concordia University has an admission rate in the 80%. While the rest of the universities are in their 50% or less. Therefore, getting into Concordia is easier as compared to McGill, University of Ottawa, UoT etc. Concordia University has an admission rate in the 80%.

What is a B at Concordia?

All Schools, Colleges & Departments….Grading system.

% Score Letter Grade
85-89 A
80-84 A-
77-79 B+
73-76 B

Can I finish my associates degree in one year?

Go for a One-Year Associate’s Degree Program One of the ways for you to earn your associate’s degree in just one year is by consulting with an admissions representative or career mentor. A consultation is usually free for colleges who offer one and it can help you map out your college life.

What are elective courses Concordia?

All students are required to do elective credits — courses that are not a part of your program of study. What those are, and from where they come, will depend on such things as your degree, program or faculty.

How many credits is a double major?

150 credits

What is the average GPA at Concordia University?


What is a 2.1 Honours degree in GPA?

The British Graduate Admissions Fact Sheet from McGill University uses the conversion 1st = 4.0; 2:1 = 3.0; 2:2 = 2.7; 3rd = 2.0; Pass = 1.0; Fail = 0.0.

What Mark is a 2.1 at university?

Upper Second-Class Honours (2:1, 2. i) (60-70%) Lower Second-Class Honours (2:2, 2. ii) (50-60%)

How many credits are in a course?

three credits

How many courses is full time Concordia?

30 credits

How many hours is 3 credit course?

3 credit hours (1 course) = 3 hours in class per week = 6-9 hours study time per week. 12 credit hours (4 courses) = 12 hours in class per week = 24-36 hours study time per week. How many courses should I take? I work ____ hours per week.

How many credits do you need to graduate from Concordia?

The minimum number of credits required to complete a degree varies depending on the basis of admission. Students are required to complete 90, 108, or 120 accumulated credits based on program (Major, Specialization, Honours) requirements and electives.