Is code for fabrication of structural steel?

Is code for fabrication of structural steel?

IS:1161 : 1998 – Specification For Steel Tubes for Structural Purposes. IS:5369 : 1975 – General Requirements for Plain Washers and Lock Washers. IS:5372 : 1975- Specification – Taper Washers for Channels. IS:12843 : 1989 – Tolerances for Erection Of Steel Structures.

What is construction tolerance?

Tolerances in construction are generally a variation in a dimension, construction limit, or physical char- acteristic of a material. They are a practical variation related to the function of the material or finished work and commonly accepted standards of the construction industry.

What is the minimum tolerance limit in beam and column?


Description Permissible Deviation
1 Deviation from specified dimensions of cross section of columns and beams -6 mm +12 mm
2 Deviation from dimensions of footings
(a) Dimensions in plan -12 mm +50 mm
(b) Eccentricity 0.02 times the width of the footing in the direction of deviation but not more than 50 mm

What are the different types of tolerances in steel?

steel must account for three types of toler-ance in their design: Mill Tolerance, Fabri-cation Tolerance, and Erection Tolerance. Mills producing hot-rolled structural steel must conform to the ASTM A6 speci-fi cation as stated in AISC’s Manual of Steel Construction, 13th Edition. ASTM A6 sets the acceptable variance for member length,

Is tolerancing necessary in steel fabrication?

Historically, steel fabrication found a workable compromise, making large manufactured products using workshop techniques that assured their efficient assembly at a remote site – tolerancing was not part of that process as a rule; it was implicit in much of the work.

What is the AISC code of standard practice for structural steel construction?

Tolerances in structural steel construc-tion are stipulated in the AISC Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges (COSP). The current March 7, 2000 issue of this document is available as a free download from the AISC web site at

What are the structural tolerances for large roof trusses?

For large roof trusses, box girders, and for large bridges with steel decks, this may well include a project specific regime of dimensional tolerances on sub-assemblies; these would be compatible with the tolerances set by the designer for the finished building or bridge. Geometrical tolerances are specified in Annex B of BS EN 1090-2.