Is Carlile Trucking still in business?

Is Carlile Trucking still in business?

The company currently operates facilities in Anchorage, Deadhorse (Prudhoe), Fairbanks, Kenai, Kodiak, and Seward (all in Alaska), as well as in Edmonton, Alberta, and the port cities of Tacoma, Washington and Houston, Texas….Carlile Transportation.

Type Subsidiary (since 2013)

Who owns Carlile Trucking in Alaska?

Saltchuk Resources
Seattle, WA – May 31, 2013 – Carlile Transportation Systems, one of the largest trucking and logistics companies in Alaska, has been acquired by Saltchuk Resources, a Seattle-based family of diversified transportation and petroleum distribution companies.

How old is Austin Wheeler ice road truckers?

Austin Wheeler: Wheeler, 23, has been a Carlile employee for almost two years, transporting heavy loads in southern Alaska before transferring to the Fairbanks depot.

Is ice road truckers still being made?

Hit American TV series Ice Road Truckers premiered in 2007 and ended in 2017, with a whopping 138 episodes aired during its ten-year run. There were rumors that the production team wanted to capitalize on the unexpected success of the show by producing a feature film, but sadly, these plans never came to fruition.

Who were the original ice road truckers?


  • Mark Kohaykewych.
  • Alex Debogorski.
  • Art Burke.
  • Todd Dewey.
  • Stephanie.
  • Darrell Ward.
  • Lisa Kelly.

What seasons was Lisa on Ice road truckers?

TV appearances Kelly is one of the truckers for the History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers. She first appeared in season 3 (Seasons 1 and 2 had been set in Canada) in 2009, as the only woman. She subsequently took part in season 4 (in 2010) and season 5 and 7.

What happened to Daryl from Ice Road Truckers?

Darrell Ward died in a plane crash in 2016 “Ice Road Truckers” star Darrell Ward died at the age of 52 in a plane crash in 2016, Deadline reported. Ward was piloting a single-engine Cessna 182 that crashed and caught fire as he prepared to land at Rock Creek Airport near Missoula, Montana.

Is Lisa Kelly still driving trucks?

Gone are the cameras and producers but Lisa Kelly is still driving trucks and looking forward to hitting the ice roads once again this winter. ‘ But that’s why I drive these roads.” She also drives them out of a strong sense of friendship.

What happened to VP Express on Ice Road Truckers?

With the departure of Rowland and VP Express from the series due to a 2014 pickup accident which severely injured him while riding with one of the series’ producers, the “dash for the cash” theme is less emphasized from this season on.

What happened to the polar bear on Ice Road Truckers?

“Rowland — known as “Polar Bear” on the show — claims he suffered severe and permanent injuries … and says he couldn’t return to his job at his trucking company,” TMZ reported. As a result, Robinson sustained serious injuries. He had multiple skull and facial fractures as well as brain injuries.

What happened to Daryl on Ice Road Truckers?