Is bog wood expensive?

Is bog wood expensive?

Bog Oak has a rich historical and classical background. It is rarer than diamond and without Kauri as its only rival; Bog Oak is easily the most expensive wood in the world.

Where is bog oak in Ireland?

The bog lands of Kildare and the Bog of Allen are vast living treasure troves for this precious and most coveted material. Once recovered from the bog, bog oak is awakened from its very long slumber and given a new lease life at the hands of the artist.

How strong is bog oak?

Bog oak is notable for its exceptional strength. In fact, it is so strong that it cannot be cut with regular tools. This also means that products crafted of this wood is impervious to pests, and will remain in pristine condition for centuries to come.

What is bog wood used for?

In addition to pipes, bog-wood has traditionally been used to construct decorative objects and items for everyday use. Today, modern drying techniques have made it possible to preserve larger planks of bog oak that are suitable for floor coverings, furniture, doors, window frames, and sculptures.

What is Irish bog wood?

Bog wood is wood from ancient trees that were buried in peat bogs and preserved for hundreds or thousands of years. Irish bog wood usually dates to between 1 AD and 4,000 BC, but the oldest bog wood found in Ireland dates to 7,000 BC. As the bogs spread, trees at the edges of the bogs were drowned (Fig. 2).

Is bog oak valuable?

Bog-oak has been highly valued by wood carvers for centuries. Penal crosses carved out of this wood were sold to Lough Derg pilgrims in the 17th and 18th centuries. Personal jewellery and household ornaments were manufactured form this beautiful wood.

Where does Irish bog oak come from?

peat bogs
It comes from trees that fell thousands of years ago and were buried and preserved in peat bogs. They lay beneath the surface, undisturbed in the acidic bog conditions, until the fens began to be drained. Then, as the peat dried out and shrank, the tree trunks became gradually closer to the surface of the soil.

Why is Bog Oak expensive?

The acidic and anaerobic nature of the peat has preserved the timber resulting in what we now call Bog Oak and Bog Deal. It is a rare form of timber that is claimed to be “comparable to some of the world’s most expensive tropical hardwoods”.

Is Bog Oak valuable?

Is Bog Oak black or brown?

The rich, dark shades of brown and intense blacks give Bog Oak its exclusive look. Bog Oak has been through a lot.

Why is bog oak valuable?

How old can bog oak be?

3,000 to 8,000 years old
Bog Oak Wood Irish bog-oak ranges in age from 3,000 to 8,000 years old. The Irish climate was warmer and drier at that time in our history. Oak trees grew profusely throughout the country.

What is bog oak and how is it made?

Oak is already an incredibly tough and rot resistant wood. And, because it naturally contains a large amount of tannins, oak gets a double-shot of tannins from the bog water. These circumstances are ideal for preserving wood, eventually turning it into bog oak.

What kind of wood is preserved in a bog?

Any tree that fell into a bog and sank quickly had a tendency to be preserved in the tannin-rich waters. However, some types of wood were preserved better than others. Oak is already an incredibly tough and rot resistant wood. And, because it naturally contains a large amount of tannins, oak gets a double-shot of tannins from the bog water.

Why choose Celtic bogwoods?

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Where can you find bog oak trees?

But the most famous deposits are the peat bogs of Ireland and the fens of East Anglia, in the southeast of England. While bog oak can form over as little as 1,000 years, it can also be almost unbelievably ancient. Specimens are regularly radiocarbon dated to between 2,000 and 5,000 BC.