Is bitumen membrane waterproof?

Is bitumen membrane waterproof?

SOPREMA’s bitumen roofing systems are BBA certified, impact and tear-resistant, and they are guaranteed to provide a robust and watertight solution. …

How thick is waterproof membrane?

Apply a 150mm wide, thick coat of waterproofing membrane centrally over areas where the bond breaker is applied. Option 1: Reinforce the wet membrane with 140mm Reomat to guarantee its thickness and performance.

How do I make my roof leak proof?

You can use a mixture of Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP and mortar to give it an appropriate and recommended slope. Furthermore, two coats of UV resistant Dr. Fixit Newcoat Ezee can be used for roof waterproofing.

Where can I get a danosa waterproofing system?

DANOPOL®Reinforced Bitumen Waterproofing Systems are available throughout our national network of Premier Contractor partners. Only Premier Contractors registered with DANOSA UK are able to supply and install our range of specialist waterproofing systems and provide you with a DANOSA single-point warranty.

Why choose danosa HS roofing?

The Danosa HS system is guaranteed and its fixings are high quality corrosion-resistant which incorporate a unique telescopic tube fastener. This tube provides an increased wind uplift performance and almost entirely eliminates cold bridging. Is this the roofing system you’ve been looking for?

How is the danosa HS and HSF membrane installed?

Similar to the installation of the Danosa HS (mechanically fixed roofing system), Danosa HS and HSF membranes are installed through a method involving the laying out of 1 or 2m wide rolls with side and end overlaps of additional membrane. An even coat of Danosa Membrane Adhesive is applied to the membrane and to the surface.

What is a danopol® membrane?

DANOPOL®membranes are flexible form of PVC-p (polyvinyl chloride), which are welded together using hot-air. The membranes are reinforced with either a glass fibre or polyester net, depending on the application, which provides high tear resistance whilst remaining flexible.